As the weed business keeps growing in the market, users developed many ways on how to consume the pot. The high demand for marijuana also pave way for inventors to create accessories that would make smoking pot as enjoyable as it can be. I’ll give you a run through on the different ways you could smoke your marijuana.

Rolled In Paper

The simplest way to consume your weed, this method is called Joint. This is the most common and usual way people smoke the weed. Since paper is always accessible, this method is the easiest go to choice. All you have to do is roll your weed into any paper you have, light it up and get high dude.

Weed joint
Man preparing and rolling marijuana joint


It was designed to get you high to a new level; it’s the perfect method for smokers with a high level of tolerance. You would need only few buds when using vaporizer, you’ll be amazed how a little goes along way. Prepare yourself to a powerful punch and a getting high feeling like never before.


There’s abundance of blunts out in the market to choose from, blunts are a common way of smoking he weed and is a guaranteed punch-hitter. Blunts are known for their slow burning attribute that makes the “getting high level” elevated. There are also flavored blunts out in the market, that oh so enjoyable sweet sensation it gives that makes you want to live the earth behind and marry the weed.


Bongs are water based smoking tools used for smoking marijuana. Though it works just like hookah, bongs are sleeker in appearance. It’s a water and air tube filled with small amount of water at the bottom enabling the smoke to travel into the water that cools the smoke before it get into you.


All you need to do is to heat two knives on your stove, any type of knife would do. Heat them up until its red burning, put your marijuana up lightly once you’ve got it, take a bottle that’s cut open on the bottom and inhale the smoke from the weed as you squish the pot together in-between both the hot knives. For an easier version, use blow torch instead.

Beer Can

Convert your recently emptied beer can into your own innovative means of smoking weed. This is probably one of the most unique inventions that make smoking marijuana accessible. The simplicity of this method is the best part, you have to do is shape your beer can a bit at the end for your bowl create few holes and another small hole on the side for your carb. From there you could start smoking your weed as you normally would, enjoy the ecstasy with a hint of malty beer.


Pipe is the most quick and easy way to smoke your weed. Pipes come in different types; the popular ones are usually made of glass. Pipes are adorned due to its appearance, the creative design and patterns of the bubblers and also this is less expensive.

Weed pipe
Smoking marijuana using pipes