We’d like to share with you the different styles of smoking marijuana that will not add “high”-resolution color to your cannabis experience but will also enhance your weed-ful ways. In short, you don’t have to stick it out with the stick or just join up with the joint. It’s time to get out there and be more adventurous – get a bong or a pipe today!

Joys Of Joint

Of course, the joint offers that unique experience of reminiscing the good, old ways our forefathers used to do it during prohibition times. The thrill of relaxing into your corner of heaven and rolling that first marijuana stick and lighting it up is beyond amazing. The smoke literally gets in your eyes because of the joy you get from smelling that sweet joint.

After the joint, some folks with higher cannabis dosages even try out fattening their sticks like cigars. You might try this out, too. It’s more like having Cuban cannabis. You can neatly place them inside a cigar box which will add that exotic touch in your otherwise mundane marijuana experience.

Piping Hemp, Piping Hot!

Then there’s the pipe, of course. This is one of the booming businesses today in Piped Potter’s Paradise. It offers a wide variety of marijuana accessories which will titillate you no end. Smoking in pipes give you that true-green marijuana aficionado look which makes you stand out in the crowd. It also brings out the distinct aroma and the “high” flavor of the marijuana of your choice.

Cannabis Pipe
Beautiful pipe used for smoking cannabis

Some of the best marijuana pipes in the market today are readily available online. They offer corn cob (yes, the one which looked like Grandfather’s blower!), the convenient one-hitters and even those saucer-shaped and anodized metal which are available in different colors and sizes.

Piped Potter’s Here!

If you haven’t yet followed the beat of the piped potter, then you must do it soon or you’ll be missing out on all the fun and excitement brought about by using bongs and pipes for your regular marijuana sessions.

The Bang Of The Bong!

The marijuana bong, of course, is also a pipe but with a water-chamber. Bong-smokers fill the chambers with water and even ice to cool down the “hit” they make from their cannabis.

The more imaginative bong-smokers even fill the chambers with special water mixtures which will guarantee the marijuana smoke will be totally consumed.

The Piped Potter’s Paradise Experience

In some exclusive groups, they even start their marijuana sessions with a sort of show-and-tell first about their joints, pipes, bongs and other cannabis accessories. The point is they want to get across the message that recreational marijuana smoking should be a shared experience. This is why smoking marijuana is a piped potter’s paradise!

Weed Pipe
A woman using pipe for smoking cannabis

Every experience becomes memorable. Every joint is passed from one marijuana smoker to another, perhaps as an appetizer. Then, later you take out your special Cuban cannabis cigar box and start distributing the “fatties”. And if you still want to raise your marijuana experience to another level, then either pipe or the bong is the thing for you.

So light up everyone and take a hit! Welcome to Piped Potter’s Paradise!