A joint is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about cannabis rolls. While not as iconic, blunts are also worth a try. This type of roll gives an added buzz and smoky flavor that most first-timers find interesting. Plus, it burns slow and holds more shredded buds, making it perfect for supersizing your next sessions. Intrigued enough? This article will show you how to roll a blunt in five to six easy steps.

Blunt: The Cannabis Cigar

If you frequent dispensaries, you might have noticed some chic cannabis cigars. These rolls packed with weed and wrapped in dried, fermented tobacco leaves are called blunts. It is uncertain when people started using these, but the term is said to have originated in New York, where the cheap cigar brand Phillies Blunt was used for discreet pot smoking.

Marijuana blunt
Man with a marijuana blunt

Now out of hiding, marijuana companies immediately jumped on the idea after the legalization of pot in Canada and across the US. You can see cannagars, often encased in attractive containers and labeled as hand-crafted, in the display cases of dispensaries. They are notably popular with high-end consumers due to their luxurious feel and also make popular gifts.

Joint smokers tend to make the switch to blunts or consider weed cigars an excellent alternative due to these reasons:

  • More Marijuana. Joints contain 0.5 to 1 gram of ground buds, while blunts hold 1 to 3 grams. Typically, a single blunt is the equivalent of six standard joints.
  • Slow Burn. Joints burn fast – usually in 3 to 5 minutes and 7 for fat Js. Blunts, on the other hand, can take 30 minutes or more because of their tobacco wraps. They are the OG of smoking if you want to make the most out of your weed stash. Besides blunt wraps, cigar brands like Swisher Sweets (sweets), Backwoods (woods), and Dutch Masters (ditches) are also popularly used as blunt shells.
  • More Flavor. The taste of the tobacco leaf adds to the robust flavors of weed. There are flavored blunt wraps and cigars, too.
  • Ideal For Passing Around. Planning to have a group sesh? The humongous size and slow burn of blunt ensure there’s enough to go around, round and round.

How To Roll A Blunt In Six Steps

Want to supersize your next your weed session with a blunt, but the budget has other much cheaper plans? Worry not, as we can teach you how to roll a fine blunt without putting a dent in your wallet. Even nicer, this easy, six-step process only need these materials:

  • Buds of your preferred strain
  • Cigar, cigarillo, or blunt wrap
  • Grinder (optional)
  • Blade (optional)

Note that the cigar or blunt wrap you use makes a whole lot of difference. It can either enhance or ruin the experience, so choose wisely. Also, keep in mind that the wrappers must be moist and fresh. Dry ones are difficult to roll, and the burn will not be satisfactory. If you plan on using a cigar, you can lightly squish the roll with your hands to check if it is moist enough or dry.

Step 1. Break Down The Bud

Many blunt smokers break down marijuana flowers by hand as it helps the roll burn slower. Doing this, though, can take a while as blunts need at least twice the amount of weed used on joints. If having an even burn is the bigger priority, the use of a grinder is recommended. Just make sure not to grind the bud too fine, or you could end up sucking cannabis specks.

Step 2. Open And Gut The Cigar

If you plan to use blunt wrappers, please proceed to step three. On the other hand, if you prefer cigars and cigarillos, go ahead and split open the tobacco roll with your fingers. Pinch one end and put equal pressure on each side. Tear the wrap and slide all the way down, giving the wrapper a clean, straight slit. This method is commonly used by pros and requires a level of skill.

If you are sadly stuck with a dry cigar, performing this step without cracking the outside can be quite a challenge. Do not lick or breathe all over it. Instead, wrap the cigar in a damp (not soaking wet) paper towel for a couple of minutes or put it in the microwave for three to five seconds if you are in a rush. The lather should speed things up, but be careful because it can toast the cigar if left a bit longer.

Beginners who are not confident in executing this technique can instead use a blade or a blunt splitter. Start at the butt where the mouthpiece is, then cut lengthwise towards the other end. Try to keep the cigar paper as intact as possible.

Once you have achieved a clean lengthwise cut from end to end, gut the cigar until it is emptied of all the shredded tobacco leaves.

Step 3. Fill It Up

Fill the empty tobacco shell or blunt wrapper with ground weed. As mentioned, blunts can hold up to three grams, but a gram or two is plenty if a standard size cigarillo is used. You may also add a hash or other types of concentrates to add potency and flavor to your roll. Just make sure to sandwich the extract between two layers of flower shreds for an even burn.

Step 4. Even Out The Contents

Run your index finger up and down the entire length of the blunt to spread the weed evenly. This ensures a smooth, uniform burn. Having an uneven dispersion makes the rolling process challenging, so do not skip this step.

Step 5. Roll The Blunt Wrap

Now it is time to shape the weed cigar into a cylindrical tube. Do this by rolling the blunt back and forth between your fingers. Be gentle as the cigar shell could crack, especially if it is dry.

Step 6: Bake, Seal And Enjoy The Blunt

Once the dried herbs are stuffed tightly and shaped to satisfaction, tuck one side of the flap under the other. Damping the edges help the exterior flap adhere, creating a seal. To do that, moisten the top side either by licking or spreading a bit of water. Do so without soaking as it ruins the blunt.

After you are done sealing the flap from one end to the other, it would be too moist. Run a flame around the outside and under the seam of the weed cigar. Make sure not to hold the lighter or torch too close, or you might end up burning some parts of the shell.

Why Roll Your Weed Into A Blunt?

Blunt sprang from our desire to consume marijuana under the radar. Although cannabis legalization has spread in various countries and states, many enthusiasts still wish to stay discreet while enjoying our favorite flower. Let’s face it – everybody recognizes a joint, and other methods of smoking or vaporizing pot are just as conspicuous.

Why should you roll a blunt?

Roll Blunt
Man light up a marijuana blunt

It affords low-key toking and is easy to make at home. Plus, it holds enough ganja and burns slow, making it ideal for group sessions.

The most significant benefit of blunts, though, is that the cigar wrap used contains a bit of nicotine. Because it reaches the brain first before THC, it appears that the onset of the euphoric cerebral buzz is quicker. Considering that it contains more weed, the effects are also quite intense. In a sense, smoking a blunt is akin to a supercharged experience.