There is a joint consensus (no pun intended!) between the advocates and those against using marijuana during the tenure of a pregnancy that, unless and until the smoke sufficiently clears to give most of us a better picture of the studies being conducted, the best course of action should be at the preventive side of the issue. This means that, in the absence of an extensive and well-founded research investigating the effects of marijuana on pregnancy, it is indeed ideal for a pregnant woman to cease smoking weed during her tenure of giving birth to a child.

Recreational Marijuana And Pregnancy

Much of the study about the effects of marijuana on pregnancy is focused on recreational marijuana. This includes smoking weed, the intake of cannabis cookies and cannabis cakes, as well as the use of recreational bongs and vapes. Although medical marijuana may also be delivered using these options, smoking weed and eating the edibles such as cannabis cookies and cannabis cakes, are more related to recreational marijuana.

Pregnant lady
A pregnant woman using marijuana

To this end, let us try to clear out the blurry haze some more and seek enlightenment.

Is Smoking Weed Cool during Pregnancy?

Present studies show that, like cigarette smoking, smoking weed has a direct debilitating effect on your baby’s growth as well the development of the various body systems, particularly the nervous system.

These same studies also show that children who were indeed exposed to marijuana during the pregnancy of their parents have trouble keeping their attention as well as their problem-solving abilities.

Marijuana and pregnancy, according to experts, are seriously at the extreme ends of the health equation. While more extensive laboratory researches are being performed today, the data coming in are still being collated for a deeper analysis and understanding of the effects of marijuana and marijuana smoking.

Cannabis Cookies & Cannabis Cakes

Cannabis foods are described as the baking of cookies and cookies which contain either the active ingredients of the marijuana herb, THC (along with other cannabinoids) or using cannaoils (marijuana oils) to cook such baked items.

With regards to the ingestion of cannabis cookies and cannabis cakes during pregnancy, studies are more limited and do not show a clear trend.

Marijuana And Pregnancy

The National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) in Australia conducted a limited survey concerning the issue of marijuana and pregnancy. Here are some of the results of the said study as published online at

Pregnant Mother
Pregnant woman taking marijuana
  • Can marijuana use affect fertility? According to the NCPIC, the increased activity of smoking weed, ingesting cannabis cookies and cannabis cakes, and vaping – whether for medical or recreational purposes – is connected to decreased fertility in both genders.
  • Can marijuana use affect pregnancy? The survey shows that the active marijuana ingredient of THC (delta-9-hydrocannabinol) has been recognized as very much transmitted by a mother to the fetus in its developmental stage. This is consummated through the placenta.
  • Can marijuana use affect the baby? While other studies show that, in the first six months of life, babies who have been under exposure to marijuana, whether inhaled as smoke weed or ingested as cannabis cookies or cannabis cakes, do have greater chances of having chest infections, asthma and other breathing problems.