Most people often associate marijuana use with smoking weed and eating marijuana edibles like ganja brownie or cake. While this is true, what most people don’t realize is there are two kinds of legal marijuana being sold in the regulated market today – the recreational and the medical weed. Whether you are using one or the other, however, more and more medical practitioners have raised concerns on the health effects of marijuana to pregnancy.

Let’s look at what our resident expert has to say about marijuana and pregnancy.

The Odd Couple

As mentioned before, marijuana and pregnancy seem to be an odd couple. One factor, of course, is that while smoking weed may be good for your appetite for hashish delicacies like cannabis cookies or cannabis cakes, will it be good for your sexual appetite?

Pregnant lady
Pregnant mom using marijuana

Apparently not, says our resident expert. Our study shows that the use of marijuana by any method has the same results most of us experience when we drink alcohol or light up a cigarette stick. This simply means that the negative potential of marijuana use is greater than its perceived positive effects, especially in the world of medicine. This negative load includes the sexual downside of using cannabis sativa.

Such sexual effects are centered on fertility issues such as:

  1. A relation to sperm abnormalities;
  2. A clear downtrend of fertility for both male and female genders;
  3. Evidence shows that smoking weed may disturb the monthly menstruation of women users;
  4. The decrease in the quality of the human male sperm as well as the lowering of the testosterone are some of the negative effects which may be hard to correct as users get older and their dosages get higher.

Bearing The Truth

Our resident expert has recognized that marijuana contains certain highly-active ingredients which may be passed on to the fetus of a pregnant user. These include, among other cannabinoids, the delta-9-hydrocannabinol or THC, which is considered as having a psychoactive effect to its user.

The risk, therefore, of contaminating the placenta with cannabinoids is far greater than a non-user. While the danger over a passive smoker has no supported data yet, our resident expert believes that a passive user or one who inhales smoke weed from another user, is minimal or even absent.

Me And My Baby

The chief concern about marijuana and pregnancy is the effect of marijuana on the growth and development of the child once he is born out of a perceived cannabis user.

Some researches revealed by our resident expert shows that a mother-user has a lot to think about when it comes to the health effects of marijuana on her baby. This goes to show that smoking weed may be thrilling for the user and eating “edibles” like cannabis cakes and cannabis cookies may be fulfilling, but the truth of the matter is, all these have their dire consequences on the baby of a pregnant marijuana user.

Such negative potentials for diseases and other ailments increase with such usage. These include leukemia and other cancers, as well as the poor growth and development of the child in terms of motor skills and memory and reasoning. It may also lead to poor attitude of the child as he or she grows such as being impulsive, hyperactive, inattentive and even fearful.

Thus, on the matter of marijuana and pregnancy, we must look at the situation very carefully and decide on the issues based on the merits of founded studies and relevant facts.