In 2013, Colorado and Washington passed laws making the use of marijuana legal in their states. In the same year, a Gallup poll showed that 58% of Americans are now in favor of its legalization. These turn of events only goes to show that more people now consider the many benefits that marijuana can offer. This is quite surprising given the strong stance of numerous organizations that it is nothing but detrimental to the human race. These figures also show that the people believe that the pros outweigh the cons. In short, they know the reasons why should marijuana be legalized.

To Save the Economy

For measures to control marijuana and enforce its ban all over the country, $7.7 billion is spent yearly. Law enforcement should focus more on arresting real criminals rather than marijuana users. Weed possession consists of approximately 750,000 arrests per year and it only clogs up court systems, wastes jail space and veer the time of those involved in the judicial process. Not enough attention is given to those who sexually abuse children, terrorize and commit violent crimes. By legalizing marijuana, the U.S. can save a great deal of money. When it is legalized, just like cigarettes and alcohol, it can be taxed. With its legalization and taxation, the country can draw in at least $14 million into the economy.

Economic Benefits from Taxes
Tax Revenue for Local Government

To Minimize Racism and Exploitation

If you have read the history of marijuana, it wasn’t an illegal drug before the 1930s. During the Mexican Revolution, many races immigrated to the United States. The immigrants were able to thrive in the U.S. They also brought a lot of practices from their own cultures, among them being the use of weed.

People Smoking Marijuana
Crown of people smoking marijuana

Politicians that time were threatened by the large population of the immigrants. They looked for reasons why the country’s economy seemed to decline. They found an alibi telling people that it is because the immigrants took the jobs that are supposedly meant for the white people and that they are the ones who cause violence in the country. The racist politicians also blamed marijuana for turning their people into psychopaths. The legalization of marijuana will finally put an end to this wrong notion.

To Save Lives

Around 20 states have already approved the use of medical marijuana. Is probably the most important reason why should marijuana be legalized. It has been known to treat more than 15 chronic health conditions and symptoms. Can treat cancer, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, brain trauma and post traumatic disorder. Alleviates the awful side effects of chemotherapy and its active ingredients affect the calming center of the brain which can significantly reduce the number of suicides per year. Can be truly called a wonder drug if it is legalized. It doesn’t only minimize and prevent further damage unlike current medications that we know of today. It can completely cure the people from the disease they are suffering from.

Marijuana Health Benefits
Medical Marijuana use for Medication

Why should marijuana be legalized? Because of these three general reasons that are huge umbrellas of more reasons that we can benefit a lot from marijuana. In the years to come and as further studies are done on its use, there is no doubt that the percentage of those who are in favor of its legalization will likely increase.