Most intellectuals know that marijuana is considered as one of the safest substances man has ever used. It became illegal on racial bias and greed for money. Speaking of greed or money, marijuana has been later found out that it can’t be used just for recreational or medicinal purposes, but also industrial. This is why owners of big corporations such as those of pharmaceuticals, oil and a lot more stop at nothing to support its illegality.

Despite all these information, marijuana is mainly used for recreational purposes. If you had a bad day or a stressful day at work, going home and lighting up can give you the best relaxing feeling, making your day well spent. If you’re thinking about a quick remedy from your bodily and mental breakdown, smoke marijuana.

Based on studies conducted for a long, long time, marijuana has the capability to alleviate symptoms of diseases and even cure it as well. In order to know further about the weed’s medicinal abilities, all you need to do is research. You can read articles, read research studies, watch video documentaries and if you have the chance, do an interview with those who have used it.

It is proven that marijuana has the ability to cure a variety of mental conditions. Some pharmaceuticals may alleviate these symptoms but can cause adverse effects to certain areas of the body. However, marijuana doesn’t, but it gives that high we all love to feel. Here are some of the top mental conditions that weed can heal.


A lack of sleep can bring about unhealthy effects on the body. You need a healthy dose of slumber to keep things from going down under. Try eating marijuana through space cakes or brownies. The high lasts longer from your body and it gives you very pleasant dreams. One more thing, this is better than Xanax. Bye bye nightmares everybody!

Woman cant sleep treatable with marijuana
Woman having a hard time sleeping


This is one of the most painful things to happen to your head. It’s caused by too much transmission of neurotransmitters to your brain. In other words, it’s caused by over stimulation. So smoking marijuana can reduce these transmissions leading to a relaxed state and diminished headache. This is way better than most migraine medications for others have adverse effects on the body.

Woman with migraine
Woman with migraine


Though a little of anxiety may be a common side effect for users, it can still give you more elevating emotions later. Anxiety is also caused by thinking too much so smoking marijuana is the best remedy for this for they slow down your thinking processes.

Anxiety attack
A man having anxiety attack

Depressive Disorders

Depression is never somebody’s choice. You can’t get rid of it overnight or with one say of a magic word like the genie from Aladdin. Some people have a very hard time coping with it and some even kill themselves because of the inability to handle. Smoking marijuana makes you calmer and happier. Though it may not be the perfect cure but it still serves as an aid to finding the best therapy in treating your depression.

Depressed Woman
A depressed woman leaning on her bed

Up & Down

People suffering from Bipolar Disorder experience both episodes of elation and despair. This renders you from becoming emotionally stable. Lithium may be considered as the “best” therapy for this type of disorder but picture this. It can also cause problems with the heart, thyroid glands and other more important body parts. Marijuana is a more reliable mood stabilizer than those tablets you need to take.

As you can see, these are just some of the mental conditions that weed can treat. The number of illnesses it can cure or alleviate are still to be discovered. Since you know a lot now, better save up some cash, buy some weed and share it with a friend.