In the ever-evolving world of marijuana products, CBD dabs offer one of the most concentrated CBD forms available. Simply put, CBD dabs are concentrates that are derived from hemp or marijuana. Unlike other available CBD products, which mix concentrates with other ingredients like tinctures or edibles- know that CBD dabs are unadulterated.

However, before you lay hands on dabbing, know that these products contain high CBD concentrations, irrespective of flavour, consistency, or textures.

You have the ease of buying dabs in Washington as wax, shatter, crumble, or crystals. Some other popular CBD dab products are pull-and-snap, budder, and honeycomb. Whatever options you consider, know that these all have their consistency.

For instance, when you explore washington dc dispensaries and their products, you see that budder is creamy and smooth. Pull-and-snap, on the other hand, stretches out taffy. Irrespective of consistency, texture, and flavour- all CBD products contain high CBD concentrations.

How to use CBD dabs?

It is pretty easy to use CBD dabs. All you need to do is perfect your technique.

However, before paving a path to consumption, know that there are some factors to consider. First, the kind of dabbing device are you most comfortable with? Generally, the traditional dab rigs need a torch, butane specifically for heating up to offer the most classic experience.

Dab pens, on the upside, need the minimum amount of practice and setup. Also, these tend to offer a subdued experience, which you might not get from a traditional dab rig.

What does the CBD Dabbing Process Feel Like?

If you’ve used CBD products like oil, dabs can feel similar. However, the only difference is that the effects are intensified due to the product’s high potency.

Pro cannabis enthusiasts in Washington say that dabbing CBD may relieve pain if CBD oil does the same for you. It also swears to provide therapeutic benefits. For instance, these may help fight inflammation or slow down the development of Parkinson’s. 

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However, ensure consulting your physician before considering CBD dabs or other cannabis products.

How Long do the Effects of Dabbing Last?

Dabbing CBD doesn’t cause long-lasting effects, especially when compared to other consumption methods. Studies show that swallowing CBD makes the hit last for over seven hours.

However, when inhaling CBD vapour from the dab rig, the effects last to less than even half time- around three hours.

The experts think that inhaling vapour is better than ingesting edibles. By dabbing, your lungs take the product to the bloodstream immediately. Thus, it is far better than swallowing/eating. CBD’s bioavailability is much more when taken through the lungs than through the gut. Experts say that about 50% of CBD you inhale goes to the blood. Eating CBD only transfers 5% to the blood.

Thereby, it is wise to say that dabs tend to provide a quick hit. The other cannabis products may intensify intoxification.

Where to Buy CBD Dabs?

Whether you’re shopping for CBD products online, or are visiting a Washington dispensary, make sure they have a license. Also, consult your medical practitioner before selecting cannabis and consumption methods for yourself.

The Verdict

Dabbing cannabis concentrates provide consumers with a powerful experience that lasts.

Make sure to lay hands on the powerful high, which dabs provide. However, the good news is that there are some excellent ways to dab on the go!