With the legalization of cannabis, west coast enthusiasts are always looking for concentrates with more potency and a more incredible flavour. It is stone’s favourite since the places in which isolates and shatters fall short(in the taste category), crumble wax swears to deliver that.

What Exactly is it?

Crumble wax is a weed extract that comes into being through the same process as shatter does. For apt product creation, processors extract resin from plants using a butane- a solvent.

The manufacturers then apply high heat and vacuum filtration for removing the solvents. However, know that crumble uses a lower temperature and more prolonged vacuum than shatter.

As a result, you tend to receive a delicate concentrate, which resembles a honeycomb. And, once it breaks apart, you get a crumble wax. The process of making crumble preserves terpenes and thereby crumble very fragrant.

Is it Possible to Make it on Your Own?

Weed connoisseurs worldwide are interested in making their products and crumble wax is one of them. The best you can do for making crumble is head to a west coast cannabis store and select the bud best for you. After this, discover the DIY steps for making your crumble.

Let’s get going on this enlightening journey:

Step 1:
Fill the roller using cannabis flowers and pack it as tightly as possible. Once done, freeze the extractor along with the butane you wish to use for around 24 hours.

Step 2:
Place the tray under the roller extractor and ensure to gas the extractor. Consider an area with enough ventilation so that you’re able to prevent inhaling the gas.

 Now move away and wait until a paste is visible. Know that the paste will appear when the gas evaporates fully.

Step 3:
Place the water on the stove and set it to low heat. Now, wait for the water to heat up. Once hot, consider placing the Pyrex tray over the pot. By doing so, the steam from the water will escape to the tray directly.

Step 4:
Check the water temperature using an infrared thermometer. Make sure that it doesn’t rise over 104 degrees Fahrenheit as it may combust the terpenes.

Once you get the required temperature, remove the tray, wipe the water properly, and place it back. This step ascertains that all the excess gas evaporates.

Step 5:
Get your dabber tool and see if you take note of bubbles if any. Also, the paste must appear drying and thickening. As it gets drier, begin scraping the tray’s bottom from all possible directions with a dabber tool.

Checking the temperature can be your also as it should be under 104 degrees. The paste will now begin to get more crumbly and have an opaque colour with a cookie texture. Scrape all you can and consider placing it on the silicone mat.

During this step, make sure you still maintain the temperature under 104 degrees. This step can take a long time, a few hours on average. The paste will gradually go from gloopy to a more crumbly, cookie-like texture with an opaque colour.

When it has reached this point, scrape it all off and place it on the silicone mat. Now use a desiccator for putting the concentrate and connect it to a vacuum pump.

Step 6:
Once the crumble is dry after a vacuum purge, get rid of the vacuum pressure and pave a path for air. Now remove every inch of crumble as it is potent and costly. Consider storing the same into a silicone container or glass instead of relying on parchment paper.

The Bottom Line

One of the most versatile forms of cannabis concentrates is weed crumble- all thanks to a plethora of consumption ways. Also, it is one of the most fragrant concentrates, especially for those who put the taste first.

Thereby, all you’ve to do is head to a west coast dispensary, choose a flower and then get going with making your crumble with complete ease.