Cannabidiol, more popularly known as CBD, is one of the two most studied and popular naturally occurring chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. From being the relatively unknown sister of the psychoactive THC, it rose to become a wellness aid with a strong cult following and a throng of products with its name proudly listed as the main ingredient. Today, cannabis enthusiasts find various forms of CBD in almost every weed shop online.

The cannabinoid’s primary appeal is its ability to relieve several health problems without any mind-altering effects. It’s most commonly used for soothing the symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, glaucoma, high blood pressure, insomnia, and muscle spasms, amongst many others.

CBD Product Picking: 7 Essentials to Look For

Are you thinking about buying CBD products? It can be an overwhelming experience for both first-timers and those who’ve already tried a couple because of the vast range of choices available in the market. To pick out one that is suitable for your needs and preferences, here are some of the most important things to consider before making a purchase:

The Source of The Cannabis

Only choose CBD products that use cannabis plants grown by licensed organic farms. It ensures the safety of the consumers and the environment since local agricultural guidelines are followed. Otherwise, you may end up with CBD products that contain harmful substances from fertilizers and pesticides.

Extraction Method Used

The extraction method employed greatly impacts the quality of CBD products. Extraction by CO2, olive oil, and steam are the safest options. On the other hand, using a solvent like butane, ethanol, or low-grade alcohol may leave behind residue or particles on the CBD extract, which may cause different health concerns when consumed.

Concentration and Strength

A CBD Product’s concentration information is typically displayed on the packaging or label in large print but still manages to create a lot of confusion. Often mistaken as the serving size or dose, concentration is the amount of CBD in a product commonly listed in milligrams. Look for something that says milligrams per piece(e.g., 30 mg/gummy bear or 15 mg/caramel) or milligrams per milliliter (mg/mL) on CBD oil, vape juice, tincture, and other CBD in liquid form.

If the information is not as straightforward, you may need to do a bit of computing yourself. Edibles in packs are easiest to figure out. A CBD candy package that contains60 pieces and says 600 mg offers 10 mg per candy. On the other hand, a CBD oil with 1000 milligram per 10-milliliter bottle, which produces 200 drops, provides 5 mg/drop or 100 mg/mL.

Knowing the strength of CBD products is also essential when choosing which to buy and how to dose. CBD tinctures in 10 ml and 20 ml bottles with an overall CBD amount of 1000 mg will have different strengths. In percentage, the 10 ml bottle has 10% CBD, while the 20 ml bottle only has half the amount with just 5% CBD. This means that while the bigger bottle may be more in volume, the smaller one is twice as strong, so consumers won’t need to take double the number of drops to achieve the same effects.

CBD Extract Used

There are three types of CBD extracts used in producing CBD products—CBD isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum.

CBD isolate, as its name suggests, solely contains CBD. It is the purest form of CBD since all other compounds from cannabis plants are removed from this product, resulting in a crystalline powder that is 99% CBD. Broad-spectrum, on the other hand, contains different naturally occurring compounds present in cannabis plants like terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids butis without THC. Both types are preferred by people who would like to avoid a psychoactive experience.

If you desire to have a little bit of everything along with a considerable load of CBD, then full-spectrum is best for you. It contains all the compounds present in cannabis plant flowers, including cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, essential oils, and fatty acids, amongst others. The chemical compounds work in concert in a mechanism called the “entourage effect,” allowing consumers to harness their synergistic benefits. While it contains negligible amounts of THC, drug tests may turn up positive.

Quality Certificates

To avoid the plenteous sub-par CBD products in the highly unregulated market, only purchase those that have been certified by an accredited third-party laboratory. Is it necessary to be so picky? It sure is, regardless if you buy bulk weed or in small quantities. A 2017 study checked the labeling accuracy of CBD extracts sold online and found that majority mislabeled the dosages. 43% have a higher concentration than declared, while 26% have less than stated. Sadly, only 41% of the CBD products were accurately labeled.

In addition, third-party tested CBD products are guaranteed safe for consumption. The evaluation includes heavy-metal and pesticide analyses that detect contaminants and determine if they are within safe limits. This is crucial as many CBD products are sourced from mass-produced cannabis plants, and it’s no secret that many large-scale farms regularly utilize pesticides to increase their crop production dramatically. The mixture of substances may contain harmful chemicals that could survive the entire CBD extraction process and, therefore, get to the CBD products. Don’t you want to know if your potential purchase is safe for use?

The Price

There are many manufacturers in the market, and the competition among sellers is beneficial for customers. If you look online, you will find selections at different price points. Cheaper products should never send you on a shopping spree, and don’t assume that the most expensive ones are the best. Look for all the things we mentioned above to confirm the quality, then compare the prices of the shortlisted products until you come to a final decision.

Brand and Shop Reputation

In states and countries where CBD is legal, access to CBD products is not a problem. Still, consumers must only do business with licensed brick-and-mortar dispensaries or reputable online weed shops and stick with trustworthy brands for high-quality offerings. Check customer reviews, return and refund policies, and don’t ignore red flags.

Bottom Line

When it comes to buying CDB products, you have the right to probe. The contents of your purchase will make their way into your body, so it’s not only money but also your health that’s on the line. Plus, with an unregulated market flooded with way too many options, it’s good to exercise some level of caution.