From being the unknown sister of THC, CBD, or Cannabidiol, rose to become one of the most popular and studied chemical compounds in cannabis plants. The cannabinoid’s ever-increasing list of benefits and non-psychoactive effect casts a positive light to weed use. It also created an entirely new market, flooding shelves and online stores with a plethora of products ranging from gummies, butter, coffee, CBD roll-ons to hot cross buns and dog treats.

These days, CBD is truly everywhere and nearly in everything! This sudden boom can be overwhelming, especially to new consumers trying to figure out how or in what form they can bring CBD into their life. On the positive side, people are spoiled for choices, allowing them to have several options in their preferred application method.

Is there any best way to consume CBD? Not really. Each consumption method has its own advantages, but consumers must first understand the nuances of the cannabinoid to make the right choice. It’s also important to note that some forms of CBD boast a higher bioavailability rate and provide faster or longer-lasting results, factors that are most critical to people seeking medicinal relief.

This guide will help you get a good grasp of the top ways to consume CBD and how the cannabinoid travels through the body. After reading, you can easily determine the most suitable route of administration for your preferences and needs.

Go Under the Tongue

The sublingual method delivers fast onset by allowing CBD to travel from the sublingual glands directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. Plus, it is as consistent as smoking or vaping yet allows consumers to completely avoid inhalation, which many medical cannabis users prefer.

CBD tinctures, strips, and sprays are commonly used for this route of administration. These products are offered in a variety of flavors and forms — isolate (pure CBD), broad-spectrum (no THC but with terpenes), and full-spectrum (with THC and terpenes). Simply place a few drops or a piece of strip under the tongue, hold it there for a minute or longer (refer to manufacturer’s instructions), then swallow the dose or leave the strip to dissolve on its own.


  • Easy to do and does not require any equipment
  • No need to inhale any smoke or vapor
  • Dosage management is straightforward
  • Effects last long
  • More reliable than oral delivery
  • Saves money as less is needed to achieve desired results
  • More discreet than vaping and smoking
  • Quick onset


  • Individual results may vary
  • Some CBD products for sublingual application may leave an earthy taste

Gulp It Down

If you’ve never tried CBD before, ingesting the cannabinoid is a good, easy place to start. You can choose from CBD-loaded capsules, pills, soft gels, and edibles. These products are most commonly prepared with a full-spectrum extract, but there are isolate or broad-spectrum selections as well. Apart from the wide variety of options, dosing control is straightforward as commercial CBD ingestible come in pre-measured sizes, and the products are equally accessible to modern consumers.

Moreover, with CBD edibles, users can achieve medical benefits, along with pleasures for the palate. Name popular varieties of food and beverages, and there’s a huge chance that there’s a CBD-infused version of it you can buy or create at home. From cookies, CBD, and ice cream to coffee, boba milk tea, and soda, it doesn’t come as a surprise that CBD edibles are one of the most favored ways of consuming CBD.

CBD-infused goods are a convenient and discreet way to consume the cannabinoid. You can take a dose anywhere and anytime without attracting attention. That being said, it’s vital to be aware of how much you need to get the desired results. Ingestibles are absorbed through the digestive system, so the effects can take a few hours to kick in, causing some to take more than they need. It’s best to start with the lowest dose and gradually work your way up, allowing an hour or two to pass before having more. Once you’ve figured out the amount that produces a satisfactory outcome, stick with it and only consume a set quantity.


  • Discreet and convenient to carry around and consume
  • Options are endless
  • Store-brand CBD ingestibles are pre-measured for easy dosing


  • Takes a few hours for the effects to manifest
  • Understanding the right dose can be challenging
  • Low bioavailability rate of about 20% at best

Inhale It

Inhaling smoke from a combusted high-CBD flower or vapor from a CBD-infused extract provides users great control over their cannabis experience. Plus, it offers fast onset and high bioavailability of 50 to 80% as the CBD from the vapor or smoke directly enters the bloodstream, bypassing the first-pass effect, a filtration phenomenon that significantly reduces the concentration of chemicals.

Consumers must simply take one hit at a time until they find their unique sweet spot. The effects of inhaled CBD won’t last as long as with oral and sublingual administration, but more doses can easily be added if necessary.


Smoking high-CBD cannabis strains creates combustion that provides the benefits CBD boosted by the many other phytochemicals. There’s no need to pay for full-spectrum CBD extracts as it is already a ‘full-spectrum. Unfortunately, it also leads to the creation of carcinogens, which is why many medical cannabis patients avoid this route of administration.


  • Gives the high concentrations of CBD
  • Offers rapid and enhanced effects
  • Dosing and redosing are straightforward


  • Smoking isn’t good for the lungs and throat
  • Not all consumers need high concentrations of CBD


Vaporizing CBD is a much healthier alternative to smoking and is just as efficient. By heating in lower temperatures, vaporization releases the phytochemical contents of the CBD product without burning them and producing a lot of unwanted deposits.

There are three main types of vaporizers—desktop vaporizer, handheld vaporizer, and disposable vaporizer, each one offering a wide variety of vape designs to choose from.

If you’re new to vaping CBD, you must also learn to distinguish CBD oil tinctures from CBD oil for inhalation, which can be tricky. Though loosely termed as ‘oil’ by many manufacturers, CBD vape concentrates aren’t oil-based but a formulated liquid that is like tobacco vape juice with CBD as the main component instead of nicotine. Alternatively, consumers may use CBD wax or dried flowers of high-CBD strains.


  • Provides a high concentration of CBD
  • Delivers fast and profound effects
  • No unhealthy smoke that could harm the throat and lungs
  • Dosing and redosing are straightforward


  • Consumers are prone to vaping more than they need
  • Requires purchasing a vaporizer and accessories

Slather It

These days, CBD boasts a “do anything” reputation. Many people turn to this cannabinoid in the hope of getting relief from various ailments and (surprise, surprise!) skin problems.

Skincare manufacturers add CBD to their products as one of its touted functions is managing inflammation. As with other parts of the body, the cannabinoid interacts with the receptors on the skin. This prompts a reduction in the inflammatory response, potentially resulting in less redness, drying, and itchy sensations. Improved skin hydration and elasticity, along with a decrease in sebum production, may also be experienced.

Popular to consumers suffering from eczema, psoriasis, and acne breakouts, the market offers a good number of CBD topical products, such as balms, cleansing bars, creams, CBD gels, lotions, roll-ons, rubs, salves, skin care oils.


  • Simple to use
  • No need to buy accessories or additional tools
  • Works great for skin problems
  • Improves skin conditions
  • Helps soothe sore muscles


  • A lot is needed for a higher dose
  • Effects do not last long as other methods

CBD That Suits You Best

Many would agree that the best way to take CBD is through the sublingual method. It produces powerful effects that kick in fast and last long—no doubt an efficient, cost-effective way to incorporate a dose of cannabidiol into one’s daily routine. Be that as it may, consumers must find the route that is most suited to them, one that provides their desired experience and results. Know that not everything will be perfect right away, but doing prior research and being smart with the intake will get you there sooner.