The word marijuana traces its origin in Mexican Spanish (initially spelled as marijuana), although the ultimate source is generally unknown. Mexican legends and myths, of course, abound; especially since marijuana as a name can be translated in modern time as Mary Jane. For decades, many popular marijuana names have risen and fallen just as quick as one can light up a one-hitter joint.

Here are some of the more popular marijuana names we have today:


In the beginning, the term hemp was originally used to describe marijuana as a crop variety of the cannabis plant which produces many products such as oil, seed and fiber. Hemp can also be refined as wax, rope and even cloth. Hemp as a marijuana name has one of the longest histories in the cannabis industry and thus, considered as its more popular name.

Marijuana Plan
Cannabis plantation

Weed Or Grass

The two marijuana names of grass and weed are actually sister words because of their direct relationship to its each other in terms of usage and meaning. In fact, anyone could say that calling marijuana as grass or weed is virtually the same thing. Many medical marijuana marketing strategists employ their advertising on these two key marijuana names because they are not only two of the most popular in the marijuana market, but they are also the two marijuana names one can directly associate with the iconic symbol of the cannabis – which is the marijuana leaf.


Some marijuana aficionados reveal that pot as a marijuana name came into being during the heightening of the hippie movement in the 60s and 70s. There may be some truth to this since the use of pot as slang for marijuana seemed to dwell on the fact that when users started to light their good, old joints the whole room began to be filled by the smoke, thus the term pot session. Pot as one of the most recognized marijuana name endures even to this day.

Fat Blunt
Thick marijuana blunt good for sharing


Online sources reveal that ganja became a marijuana name imported from India and Nepal, which also popularized the use of exotic water-bearing bongs for cannabis sessions. Anyway, the marijuana name of ganja began to be used and its popularity stuck perhaps because most people associated the word with the exotic use of marijuana as a form of medicinal herb (aphrodisiac, for example).

Mary Jane

One of the most popular marijuana names around the world, Mary Jane breaks all cultural, language and even political barriers. At the height of its popularity as a marijuana name, Mary Jane has been used in many commercial items ranging from alcohol to herbs and even the art world use this marijuana name for poetry and prose, as well as a song (Rick James’ Mary Jane).

Mary jane
Mary Jane

Other Popular Marijuana Names

Marijuana names such as bud, reefer and chronic are also gaining popularity, especially now that medical marijuana is slowly but surely turning the tide in favor of marijuana use and not just abuse.

About marijuana
Different words best describe all about marijuana

The most interesting marijuana names are also the most popular ones which have reached the rank of being staple marijuana names and idioms. At the same time, more and more marijuana names are being churned out by the cannabis industry every day since they have to attract the growing number of popular users without veering so far away from the more traditional and tried and tested iconic marijuana names.