Everybody wants to whiff the weed in wondrous ways!

Here are some of the best ways to roll up every joint into a “bud” of fun.

The Jointy Joint

The advantages: it slides on your finger and easy on the weed, too. It isn’t as rude as the blunt and after all, this is good, old-fashioned way! Rolling papers are cheaper and if you use filters, you will even maximize every smoke in that stick. The disadvantages: it lights up so quick that you may need a couple of it if your dosage has risen.

marijuana joint
Man rolling marijuana joint

The Bulky Blunt

This is, of course, is a groupie joint. The marijuana blunt advantage: the size and the tenure of usage. The disadvantages: tobacco leaves take out the fine pot palpability some cannabis smokers like to enjoy.

The Rabbit Punch

Also called the one-time hitter for obvious reasons. The advantages: less mess and clutter, fairly discreet especially when outside your comfort zone or in a public setting. A rabbit punch is a must for marijuana smokers who lead very active lives in terms of travel and work as well as leisure. The disadvantages: it won’t hold for more if you have a companion.

The Pied-Eyed Piper

This is a variation on the use of the glass pipe or bubbler for your pot session. The advantages: the best pot smoke for small groups and can be the life of any weed party. The disadvantages: fragile, has to be cleaned often because it is re-usable.

The Bong

The advantages: it doesn’t break as easily as the glass pipe and doesn’t need rolling paper, plus the exotic flavors one can concoct. The disadvantages: the use of weed is not maximized in a bong and the use of cannabis is also being complicated by filling the bong with treated water.

Marijuana Bong
A girl using a bong for smoking marijuana

The Hookah

The eastern type of bong (the ones we usually see with Arabian nights setting). The advantages: many people can smoke the cannabis hookah all at the same time, so everyone can have the “high” feeling all at the same time, too. The disadvantages: the hookah requires a big group of marijuana smokers.

Smoking Pot & Pot Raid

Smoking marijuana and having a food binge is one of the best cannabis combo any user, neophyte or not, must be able to enjoy.

The Combo Effects

Some smoking marijuana aficionados advise first-time smokers to make their first experience a “highly” pleasurable one by mixing up smoking marijuana with other fun activities.

Smoking marijuana
Smoking marijuana and drinking beer

Of Pots & Poets

Smoking marijuana heightens creativity and this is put to good use by artists, especially poets. Many poetry reading sessions are heightened by the amazing effects of cannabis which make any reading – whether imagist, surrealist or modernist – a fun and exciting event.

Let your imagination run free while rolling up the “bud” for fun! Think of other ways you liven the pot session by mixing it with your other daily and special activities. Altogether, smoking marijuana can be the fun time with some loved ones and friends which can renew the bonds of great relationships together again.