Marijuana is known as a green, brown dried leaf that is usually used for recreational or medical purposes. This plant is used as psychoactive drug that can be used as prevention from various kinds of deadly diseases.

Marijuana has been illegal in most part of the world but because it was discovered to be purely medical, it was legalized in some countries. There are many kinds of marijuana types that can help you prevent these diseases.

Marijuana Strains
Best Marijuana Strains

Many people are starting to use marijuana as their source of medicine. Studies claimed that marijuana can give patients a great benefit in treating their illnesses. Many experts from different health organizations are now supporting the access on this drug with the advice of a physician.

Maybe you are wondering how you can tell what best type of marijuana to use for a specific disease. Well, let me share you a few of the marijuana types you need to know.

There may be hundreds of different marijuana breeds out there. You might get confused on their capabilities but I can make it easy for you. I’ll give you the 10 best marijuana types available in the market.

  1. The White Widow – This is one of the world’s favorite marijuana strains. It can help with loss of appetite, anxiety and depression.
  2. Big Bud – This is a classic type of marijuana. It is also a winner of the cannabis cup. It can be a pain reliever.
  3. Bubblegum – This is also a multiple winner type of marijuana. It has a bubblegum flavor on its end. It can ease the headache and pain.
  4. The Vortex This marijuana has the best taste ever. It is very strong. It is good for depression, nausea, socializing, pain, asthma and a pain reliever.
  5. The Hollands Hope – This bud is known to have purple coloring and dense buds. Hollands Hope can help with your lack of appetite and pain management.
  6. Jack Herer – This is a sativa dominant cannabis strain. It helps patients relieve depression, fatigue, nausea, pain and stress.
  7. The Girl Scout Cookies – This marijuana plants has sweet and earthy aroma. It helps relieve insomnia, headaches, pain and stress.
  8. God’s Gift – This bud contains different flavors which are grapes, citrus and hash. It helps patients relieve pain, stress, depression and insomnia, and muscle spasms.
  9. Cinderella 99 – It is known for being sugar potent with tropical aroma. This breed is called Cinderella 99. It has great effects of a sativa-dominant in it. It helps relieve you from depression, fatigue, headaches, pain and stress.
  10. The Grape Ape – This is a favorite Indica breed for pain relief and other medicinal uses. It delivers a smooth punch to relieve you from pain.
Look good marijuana
The physical looks of good marijuana

Now that you have these 10 best marijuana types, you will know which one to use as medicine for whatever you are feeling. These breeds will be a big step for preventing illnesses that will come to you. I hope you find these useful. Be careful when using marijuana!