If you’ve smoked weed for a couple of years and gained experience in tasting different kinds of marijuana over the past years, then you’ve probably seen it all. You’ve seen the good, you’ve seen the bad and you’ve probably seen the worst kind of weed that you’ve ever seen. Trying them is another issue since you’ve probably tasted both the good and the bad. If you end up buying bad quality marijuana, you waste time and money and by no means is weed a cheap commodity. Have some sense and only get the good marijuana!

Of course, most people would like to get a taste of the weed that they buy from their dealers but how could you identify good or bad weed at first glance? Experience is the thing that gives you a discerning eye when it comes to things like this. However, you can also learn how to tell if a weed is good or bad without smoking it.

The Looks

Yes, it is possible to tell if the weed is good or bad just by looking at it! There are a lot of things that you can see that will tell you if the weed that you’ll be buying is really high quality. One of them being the number of crystals that you can see in the weed since you can be sure that you can get high by smoking that kind of weed – the more the crystals, the better the quality of the weed is. Next would be the color which should almost always be green since this would tell you the weed has grown healthy; never settle for brown weed. Last would be sticks and twigs in the weed, the lesser there are, the better the weed should be.

Look good marijuana
The physical looks of good marijuana

The Smell

Along with looking at the weed, you should also smell it. You can tell if the weed is good by taking a whiff of it and get a good smell. In fact, the good kind of weed can even have a smell that gets through the bag so it’s important that you get tightly-sealed containers so that other people might not smell it. You can tell the weed is bad if it has little or no smell at all since it won’t get you high, so be wary and be critical!

Smell of marijuana
A girl sniffing marijuana buds

The Feeling

Of course, you should also touch and get a feel of the weed that you’ll be buying. The good kind of weed is never too dry and never too wet at the same time, just standing in between. It should be sticky and never easily breaking apart since you can be sure that it’ll get you high when you smoke it.

Feel good marijuana
Good marijuana, feel it!

Experience is always the best teacher when it comes to telling the quality of the weed at first glance. It wouldn’t be easy during your first time. Hopefully, you now know what to look for in good weed the next time you buy your supply.