Call it pot, call it weed, call it marijuana – it’s all the same despite its plenty names. Marijuana or more commonly called “weed” is what’s in and what’s hot if you really want to get high in a good way. Of course, the recreational use of marijuana has been around for a long time under the noses of the authorities through a regulated basis. But with the legalization of the use of marijuana just in 2014, a lot of people have been making noise about it. Even people have been promoting marijuana use for medical purposes.

However, marijuana is no easy resource to come by, even with its regulation and legalization in some states already. To be blunt, marijuana can be expensive, depending on the quality that you want. But how would you know that the weed that you just bought is, in fact, “good” weed?

Here are some of the things you need to take note of if you want to find the best weed that you can buy:

Crystals Are The Thing

Another thing that you should look for in good weed is the crystals. Frankly speaking, the more the crystals, the better the quality of the marijuana that you’ll be getting and the more that you’ll be high from using up this weed. Seeing crystals in the weed is good way to assure that you’ll be able to get high in no time. It’s better to stay away from weed without crystals since it won’t get you high enough.

The Smell Of Weed

First off, good weed has a very distinct smell. It can smell moist, dank and leafy at most but there’s really no word to describe it once you’ve experienced it for yourself. Marijuana with good quality typically has a moderate to strong smell. As such, you need to have a container or a bag that’s airtight to prevent the weed’s smell from spreading all over the place. If there’s little to no smell on the weed that you have your eyes on, better stay away as that’s probably not good quality marijuana which won’t get you high and just waste your money.

Smell of marijuana
A girl sniffing marijuana buds

Not Too Dry, Not Too Wet

The best quality of marijuana is just in between moist and dry. It shouldn’t be too dry that it starts to crumble up and it feels like it’s been baked under the sun for too long. It shouldn’t be too wet that it gets all soggy and breaks apart easily. This is why it would be best for you to get a glass jar as a container for your weed.

Times are hard and getting good weed can be quite difficult. When you’re short on budget and you want to get the best quality of marijuana that you can get, it’s still important that you buy from a dealer that you can trust. But after knowing what to look for in choosing good weed, you won’t be duped or scammed in getting the bad stuff and will let you save a lot of money.