Due to the abundance of choices, you might get confused about choosing a particular flavor of E-Liquid for your vape pen. So today we are here to discuss various vaping liquids available for you to buy in the market so that we can make your buying experience smoother. It really is a mood dampening event when we unknowingly buy an e-liquid and then later find it disgusting for our personal taste. So make an informed decision today and buy only when you have read everything about it so that you don’t commit a mistake and later regret your purchase. This list has been compiled from multiple sources and was made for every type of user in mind so there is something for everybody here. Also, if you are wondering ‘Do dab pens smell?’ then let me tell you that they do but odor released is intense/lesser in comparison to THC vapes.

Let us now begin:

1. MIST- Original Menthol Flavor:

Menthol has been an extremely popular flavor among vape smokers for decades. This flavor is very powerful and does have a uniquely soothing and cool effect whenever you smoke it. MIST has made available this menthol flavored e-liquid in both standard and extra vapor mix portions so that you can conveniently choose your own. The nicotine strengths are also made available in varying weights namely, 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. So choose one according to your needs today. These also come in an easy-to-carry 10ml bottle if that’s what you wish for.

2. Ohm Brew – Cappuccino Flavor:

This is an e-liquid that is mixed at a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. This is exactly what makes this e-liquid powerful and yet at the same time thinner than other e-liquids. This e-liquid also has nic salt added to it so that every time you smoke using it you get a smoother sensation than other competing nicotine-based e-liquids. The coffee flavor mixed with light doses of creamy milk makes this e-liquid a perfect recommendation for those early morning commutes to the city or relaxing evening trips.

3. Seriously Fruity – Strawberry Kiwi: If you are on the lookout for a fruity flavored e-liquid then this product is a perfect recommendation for you. This particular flavor is made by gently mixing strawberry notes with bittersweet and tangy kiwi fruits at such a ratio that you get a strong yet subtle sweet-flavored experience. But do note if you need nicotine shots too then you have to buy them separately as this package only comes in a 120ml bottle without anything extra. But there is an extra 20ml free space if you need an added nicotine shot.

4. Koncept XIX – Heisenberg

If you are someone who likes a strong yet mature yet powerful e-liquid smoking experience, then we would surely recommend this. This product has something of a cult following since it was one of the first flavors to be made available in the market. The name Heisenberg might remind you of the lead character’s name in the Netflix show Breaking Bad (pun intended). This e-liquid was made by mixing blueberry, menthol, and aniseed. So you will get a strong, fine, and chilly experience every time you smoke it. For your convenience, the bottles come with 20 ml of free space if you want to add some nicotine shots to the liquid, if you don’t then that is also fine.

The Suorin Air Mod is available in a range of colors
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5. Ohm Boy Nicotine Salts – Rhubarb, Raspberry & Orange Flavor:

If you are on the lookout for a sweet, tangy, and mystic e-liquid flavor with added nicotine salts, this product is for you. This has been the most popular product in its category for 2021 and we are sure it will be popular among users for many more years. The rhubarb flavor is by far the best tasting rhubarb flavor in any e-liquid, it’s simply phenomenal. You also get to experience an amazing orange flavored aroma every time you smoke using this e-liquid which is something a lot of users demand these days. For your convenience, the company has made available this e-liquid in 10ml small and easy-to-carry bottles too.

6. ZAP – AISU Blue Raspberry Flavor:

The last e-liquid on our list is the best and a long-time favorite among the fans of e-liquids. Save the best for the last maybe? Zap has made this particular e-liquid in such a way that you get an authentic sweet and tangy flavor while also getting a stronger sensation. There are various other flavors like Lychee, Lemonade, Peach Iced Tea, and Vintage Cola. With AISU ZAP has added a pinch of menthol flavor to each one of the flavors mentioned above too for an added chilly effect. The Blue Raspberry flavor has been the best-selling e-liquid flavor for the year 2021 and we hope it could very well top the charts for 2022 too.


Many manufacturers do not include nicotine shots with their e-liquid product but provide an option to use with a nicotine shot if a user purchases it separately. So keep that in mind when you factor in your budget for buying a vaping e-liquid next time. Also, remember to check your device’s compatibility before buying any e-liquid.