Ah, marijuana – the Holy Grail that serves as the shelter for stoners alike. Sure, you’ve probably gotten weed as a way to get high and that’s certainly a good way to do it compared to alcohol, meth, heroin or cocaine. Even with the legalization of marijuana use has proved to be quite the news since a lot of people are divided into two sides – the “Yes to Weed” and “No to Weed”. But of course, it still falls down to the person using the weed and how he gets them.

A marijuana dealer is one way of getting marijuana. Getting a good dealer to get weed is often the case if you want to get high quality stuff that actually gets you high in no time. But that’s not always the case since getting a weed dealer that’s almighty and perfect in every aspect is difficult to find. In fact, looking for a dealer the first time around might prove to be a challenge since you’ll probably meet a lot of lame dealers.

Here are the qualities of a bad marijuana dealer that you have to watch out for if you really want to get high quality weed.

Limited Bargain, Even With Bad Weed

When you’re presented with bad kind of weed (even at first glance), a good dealer will always offer more since his stock isn’t of high quality. A bad dealer does things the opposite way – you pay the same price for the same amount but at a lower quality. Now where’s the good part in that kind of deal? There’s no attempt to compromise or even negotiate and you’re only left with bad kind of weed that might not even get you high at all.

No Packaging

You’ve probably seen marijuana packed in plastic bags that are airtight and resealable. That’s when you know the dealer has his wits since weed needs to be in a sealed bag that will prevent the smell from coming out. But whoever sells weed packed in random things that’s ill-advised for marijuana to be kept in? Oh, you’ll see all sorts of things – candy wrapper, flimsy paper bags, video game casing and just about anything that he can get his hands on – that’s a sign that you should hightail it.

Cannabis Dealer
A Lady Cannabis Dealer exchanging weed to money

Smokes Your Own Purchase

Building a trustworthy relationship with your cannabis dealer can be a good thing. You can get bargains and good deals, even getting free weed during special occasions at times which could further strengthen your customer-businessman relationship. But a bad dealer takes advantage of the fact and even tries to smoke the weed that you just bought from him.

Sure, there’s no perfect weed dealer out there. In fact, you’ll probably encounter a lot of bad ones along the way. However, knowing the qualities of bad weed dealers, you should be wary and critical in choosing the person that you get weed from. Who knows? You might just be one handshake or one friendship away from getting that trustworthy marijuana dealer.