When you have your own supply of marijuana, using it poses very little problem. You just roll it up or put in a bong and then smoke away to get high. But if you have to buy in bulk or you’re into dealing weed yourself, storing weed can become a pain. Marijuana is very difficult to grow and it’s equally as hard to store to make sure that it doesn’t rot or go bad. It’s a waste to let your weed go bad so here are some handy tips on how to properly store your marijuana stash.

Don’t Freeze The Weed!

A lot of people have this misconception of freezing their weed when it comes to storing marijuana. Some claim that this keeps the buds fresh for a longer period of time but I’ll tell you this now – THIS ISN’T TRUE!

Marijuana Leaf
Frozen Marijuana Leaf

Doing this will only freeze off the buds and break them off, losing their effects. Furthermore, you lose the THC content as your freeze marijuana for a long time, not getting you high when you smoke it and turning it into an icy herb. It’s more preferable to store your weed in a cool place, not below freezing point. You can refrigerate your weed so that it’s housed in low temperature and preserve its buds.

No To Clear Bags

A common practice nowadays when it comes to storing marijuana is by using clear plastic bags. Let me tell you this now that it’s a huge mistake. You have to make sure that you shelter your marijuana away from the sun since sunlight can damage it and clear plastic bags are just asking for it. Instead of using clear plastic bags, use brown paper bags which are opaque and provide adequate shielding from sunlight then place it in zip lock bags, plastic containers or jars.

Handle With Care

The best place to store weed is a place where there’s minimal handling. The more you mess around with it, the more the buds fall off and risk damage which reduces the potency of the weed. If you want to keep the weed effective and rich, putting it in a place like your fridge will do. If you’re dealing weed, make sure that you also take care of the weed when you package it since you’ll be moving it around.

Airtight Containers

One of the best ways to store weed is by keeping it in an airtight container. This includes things like glass jars or zip lock plastic bags. This ensures that marijuana doesn’t undergo oxidation process which can make the buds lose their potency. Stay away from fragile containers that don’t seem to be secure or aren’t airtight since these can compromise the quality of the weed.

Weed storage
Perfect example of weed storage

Storing marijuana can be challenge. However, knowing these tips can provide great help in maintain the quality of your weed to be top notch. But the best way to store your weed is to employ a combination of these tactics, all for the sake of ensuring the quality of your marijuana supply.