For pregnant mothers, they should have an initiative with regards to the risks of smoking marijuana while their child is still inside the womb. If you smoke pot during pregnancy, then it will surely affect the baby’s growth especially on the development of their nervous system. Studies show that children who were exposed to marijuana while they’re still inside their mother’s womb are showing problems towards focusing their attention and even solving problems.

It is not exactly clear how marijuana does its damage to the fetal brain at a molecular level. According to some researchers, the brain is very sensitive to the chemical compound in marijuana known as THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) during the early stages of development especially when the neurons are still forming their critical connections. In fact, any drug that interferes during this process could be detrimental to the child.

Heavy pot smokers can really affect their child’s brain in every way such as concentration, memory and judgment. There is still no evidence showing that using marijuana during pregnancy can cause attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There is even a study which shows that young children whose mothers are heavy marijuana smokers during pregnancy are at risk of having leukemia.

Woman pregnant
Marijuana effect on pregnant woman

Another thing that every mother who is using marijuana should worry about is the external contents of the weed. The process involved to grow marijuana may require the use of harmful chemicals, soil and even pesticides which are well-known poisonous substances once they enter our bodies. If these are some of the contents of the marijuana you’re smoking while pregnant, it will certainly put both you and your baby’s life at risk. And if you are also incorporating smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol prior to your use of weed, it is a sure one that your child will inhibit some birth defects.

However, if you just realized that you’re pregnant while you are smoking marijuana, then you shouldn’t panic right away. There’s a chance that the effects it has on your baby is just a small one especially if they are just a few weeks old on your womb.

However, you shouldn’t stop there and you’d better consult with your doctor right away. But you should take note that honesty is probably your best option in here since your doctor needs every single detail with regards to your use of marijuana. Through this info, your doctor might run you with some tests with regard to the baby’s development and if it has affected them so far in any way.