With a lot of places in the United States and some other countries around the world legalizing medical marijuana use and with some even legalizing its recreational use, you would think “How bad could it be?”

Those news and research results from others showing that marijuana can cause bad effects to our body are neglected because it would seem that the government is confident enough that weed would not cause that much trouble, which is why they have agreed to finally legalize it.

But marijuana use can still be dangerous in a lot of ways. Just make sure that you know what you might get into when you use it.

The Short Term & Long Term Effects

Marijuana has a lot of immediate effects that can really be dangerous to the user if he doesn’t take extra precaution. Some of its short term effects are impairment in judgment and perception, lack of inhibition which can lead you to doing dangerous things, an impaired motor skill which can be a big trouble when you are on the road, having difficulty in comprehending and solving problems and lack of coordination in your body and the ability to concentrate on a task.

Anxiety attack
A man having anxiety attack

Some forms of marijuana are very potent that it can cause you to experience anxiety and panic attacks, hallucination and paranoia. It can also cause a problem to a woman’s ovulation and menstrual cycle, cause delay on the puberty’s onset and can reduce production of sperm in men.

The long term effects are even more serious. It was said that marijuana use can predispose you to have cancer more than tobacco smoke can. It can also put you at risk for infection, lung diseases, psychological problems and cardiovascular diseases.

Physical & Psychological Addiction

I know that weed lovers are still arguing about this. They say that marijuana can get you addicted but although the chance is slim, there is still a possibility.

Two Stoned Women Smoking
Two Women Smoking Getting High

When you crave for weed and you feel like you could not survive a day with taking a hit or having a taste of it, this can mean that you are already addicted to it physiologically. Not having marijuana makes you develop mild but significant symptoms like anxiety and a feeling of general discomfort. Those symptoms can only be treated when you have marijuana. Only marijuana can provide you the relief from those feelings.

When you start to feel those mentioned symptoms and crave for marijuana, you will think that you need marijuana to overcome this. Because of that, you will feel the urge or the need to continue using marijuana and use even more because your mind is tricking you that you could not make it another day without it. You see, the physical and the psychological addiction go hand in hand.

Dangerous To Use during Pregnancy

There were studies which showed that continued marijuana use during pregnancy will cause some health issues to your unborn child. They will be smaller compared to other babies when they are born and as they are growing, they will develop late in terms of mental and cognitive abilities.

Marijuana effect
Pregnant girl using marijuana