Getting high is the number one reason why people love smoking marijuana ever since it was introduced. But did you know that the high effect you feel when smoking marijuana has 3 different levels? If not then this article will provide you with some information on that and how it varies different from the others.

Smokin Joint of Marijuana
A Man Smoking Marijuana

For your convenience, here are the 3 different levels of marijuana high:

The Buzz

  • Use: It can be heard in an invitation phrase “wanna catch a buzz?” or sometimes known as “catching a buzz”
  • Practice: This is limited to only take 2 to 3 hits.
  • Effect: If you get high on pot then this is the first level that you will normally experience. You will catch a nice, floaty, enjoyable and calm type of buzz. First time smokers may even feel to be stoned eventually. Practicing the buzz is great for daily smokers who usually begin their day with this level. By catching a buzz alone is not enough to get you burnt out and also, you have not yet reached level of actually getting high. You can even revisit your pipe later on and refresh your buzz by taking some more extra hits. It can be continued throughout the day and the ill-effects are only just a few.
  • Explanation: Depending on your pot’s potency, such effects can be enhanced or you won’t feel anything at all based on your personal experience. It can only take one hit at the bong to catch a buzz or more than 10 hits of joint to catch the same buzz.

The High

  • Use: Let’s get high” or “Getting high”
  • Practice: You can reach this high when you smoke weed with a couple of friends. For this to be attained, you must reach with 4 to 8 hits of decent weed. This one goes beyond the buzz but you are not yet stoned.
  • Effect: If you have passed through and continued beyond the buzz level then you will become funnier and may be internal with your sporadic thoughts. Some people experience paranoia level at this point while there are also those who don’t. You will eventually feel engaged in a fun and exciting activity which will surely help you perform at your best.

The Stone

  • Use: “Let’s get stoned” or “Getting stoned”
  • Practice: You want to continue getting a high then you will surely reach a certain destination. This destination that everyone’s referring to is getting “stoned”. For heavy marijuana smokers, achieving the buzz or becoming high is not enough which is why they would continue until they get stoned.
  • Effect: When a person is stoned then the behaviors he will project are always changing. The symptoms that people commonly experience when they are on the buzz or high will remain present and may even increase once they become stoned. Achieving the stoned level can be very fun when it is done in groups. If you see individuals taking a picture of themselves during this level then you will think that they are having their eyes closed when in fact, it is just because they are feeling stoned.
Two Stoned Women Smoking
Two Women Smoking Getting High

So there you go. Now that you know the different levels of marijuana high, it’s time you choose how to get high.

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