The dirtier the bong, the more challenging it is to clean. Even if you deem it usable, the quality of hits would not be at its best. Resin residues are not only gross to see. They also negatively affect the smell and taste. The longer you put off cleaning, the worse the experience.

If you neglected proper maintenance for far too long, the usual method of using salt and alcohol would not get the job done. Moreover, it takes a long time. As a regular marijuana user, you might not be able to use it on the next smoking session. Although, that should not be a problem if you have another piece or roll a joint instead.

At any rate, you still need to clean your smoking paraphernalia. Make the endeavor easy and quick by using the best bong cleaning solutions. You can order online at affordable costs. These glass pipe cleaners are specially formulated to remove even the toughest stains and residues. Once done, your bong would look pristine and undoubtedly capable of delivering aromatic, potent hits.

Why Do You Need to Clean Glass Bongs?

Each time you rip, smoke particulates cling on to the interior surfaces or grimes. Unless you clean it up, the filth builds up. Here’s the problem. Whenever you draw a new hit, some particles from the grime loosen up and get pulled too, degrading the smoke’s quality.

A more troubling concern with filthy bongs and pipes are the health risks associated with contamination and proliferation of microorganisms.

Clean bong
Clean clear bong for marijuana use

Dirty water, for example, can serve as a host for bacterial and fungal organisms. When allowed to grow, they produce substances that let them cling on to interior surfaces. The accumulation of these secretions forms a biofilm that protects the organisms.

The usual cleaning agents and antimicrobial solutions cannot easily break down biofilms. Meanwhile, the microorganisms can reproduce and proliferate.

Some of these organisms are:

  • Aspergilloses. Releases mycotoxins when burned, causing coughing, chest pains, leading to pulmonary disease.
  • Pseudomonas. These are gram-negative bacterias that can cause acute pneumonia and sepsis.
  • Flavobacteria. When inhaled or ingested, they can cause diarrhea and pulmonary symptoms.
  • Streptococci. These are gram-positive aerobic organisms that can cause pharyngitis, pneumonia, and others.
  • E. Coli. Exposure to these organisms can lead to diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

You should always keep in mind that a cannabis pipe can have more bacteria than a public seat toilet.

The Best Bong Cleaners You Can Buy

As alluded to in the previous section, regular cleaning of bongs may not wholly eradicate biofilms. In this context, there is no reason to hold off on using the best pipe cleaning solutions.


Prevention is better than a cure. Why would you need to clean dirty bongs when you could already begin cleaning while smoking?

Piece Water Solution is a unique formulation that is unlike anything you have ever seen. Instead of using tap water, simply pour this all-natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts into the bong, bubbler, water pipe, or dab rig.

bottles of bong cleaning solution
Bottles of Piece Water Solution

On functionality, it provides the same or better hits. The solution filters particulate matter from the smoke to provide smooth, clean hits. More importantly, you do not need other bong cleaning kits or solutions.

How does it work?

The molecule bond is weak in plain water, enabling resins to pass through and cling on to the interior surfaces. Not with Piece Water Solution, though, as the strong bond between molecules trap particulates. In other words, it stops the formation of biofilm.

Each bottle contains 12 oz. A standard 12″ bong needs around 2 oz, which means you have enough to refill 6 times. Now, as to how many hits you can do per fill, that is entirely up to you. Most Piece Water customers are pleased to report that the results remain excellent even after 40 bowls.

Cleaning a bong is as easy as pouring the solution out and rinsing with tap water. It cannot get any easier than that.


Head over to Piece Water’s official website and check out their shop. Use their bong solution instead of water and save yourself the hassle of cleaning after use.


What do you do when your bong is so filthy that it seems impossible to clean?

You use Resolution Res Gels and Res Caps – one of the best glass bong cleaners in the world.

Alcohol-based cleaners tend to be abrasive. Over the long-run, it may damage the glass surface or even pose a health risk. None of those are issues with Res Gels. Moreover, you can reuse them for about 5 to 10 times.

Bong and pipe cleaning kit
Set of Resolution Cleaning Kit

Res Caps prevents cleaning bongs from getting messy. Moreover, they can be used to keep your bong and other accessories safe during travel.

How do you use Resolution gels and caps?

The process is simple. Shake the bag to activate the gel, and pour just enough to coat the entire glass interior. You can put the excess back into the gel bag. Put caps on both ends and let sit for 5 to 30 minutes, depending on how dirty the glass pieces are. Afterward, rinse with warm water until there are no more bubbles.

You can get your hands on a Resolution bong cleaner kit in their own shop.


Kryptonite is a versatile formula used on numerous smoking paraphernalia – hand pipes, oil rigs, extraction tubes, and water pipes. It even works on rags, jeans, shirts, and other clothes.

Bong Cleaner
Klear Kryptonite Original Bong Cleaner

How good is this product offering from KLEAR?

The Original Kryptonite is widely used by dispensaries in the United States. It does not damage glass surfaces, having the lowest VOC (less than 3%) in the market. Moreover, it is the only cleaner to have passed the Colorado Health and Safety Board’s stringent tests.

The Best Water Pipes on Amazon

These products are widely available on online shopping platforms, such as Amazon.


Over at Amazon, Orange Chronic is one of the most popular and certainly among the best glass bong cleaners you can buy. It has been around for years and has time and again proved to be a nightmare for stubborn resins and grimes.

Orange Chronic bong cleaner
Orange Chronic Cleaner

Using this all-natural cleaner is easy. Soak the bong and its accessories for not more than five minutes – it is that fast. The abrasive materials in the formulation will take care of the resins, even in tight spots. After soaking, you can save the solution for reuse while rinsing the bong with hot water.

For the super dirty bongs, you may have to clean two or more times. At any rate, Orange Chronic is an excellent choice for regular cleaning.


If five minutes of soaking with Orange Chronic is too long for you, try Formula 420. Formulated with non-toxic, biodegradable materials, it only needs one minute to loosen grimes.

Formula 420 Cleaners


Black Label is another bong pipe cleaner you could use to get rid of resins and goo. Use it to bongs made of glass or other materials such as metal and ceramics.

Randys Black Label Cleaning Solution
Randys Black Label

Like most cleaners, it also entails soaking, shaking, and rinsing. The results are pretty quick. A few minutes and your bong is back to its pristine condition.

Keeping the Bong Clean Is a Habit

As you know by now, dirty bongs degrade the smoking experience. Worse, harmful organisms can grow and pose health risks. For some people, cleaning up after using is an impossible task, being high and all. Well, you don’t have to worry about biofilm formation if you use Piece Water Solution. On the other hand, if you did allow the bongs to get super filthy, there are numerous products you can choose from, all promising to restore bongs into their pristine state.