If you suspect that someone has just used marijuana, then you can easily spot some common signs that indicate usage. This can be a bit alarming for both the user and yourself because he might be in the current state of being high. It would be better to know marijuana intoxication to ensure that you will be looking out for any signs of a person you know who’s currently under the influence of marijuana.

Check out the usual signs that a person is currently intoxicated by marijuana:

Reddish Eyes

This is probably the most notable side-effects that marijuana can bring out in a person. A person who just used marijuana projects reddish or reddish-yellow colors to the white area of the eyes. The reason why such an event happens is because marijuana lowers the blood pressure of the smoker, thus causing dilation to the capillaries of the eyes which then allows more blood to enter. Additionally, it is also possible that the smoke coming from the marijuana can cause irritation to the eyes, making it reddish.

Red eyes
Red eyes from using marijuana

Apart from the white area experiencing redness, it can also cause the pupils of the user to dilate thus making them have a difficulty tracking any movement. Also, if you hint that a person might be using marijuana but the eyes doesn’t show recent usage, check for any eye drops because this is normally used to reduce the redness.


A person who is high on marijuana feels unmotivated, relaxed and even sleepy. They mostly like to lie down, sit on the couch and might feel like not doing nothing productive all day.

Feeling drowsy from Marijuana

A lot of marijuana users find the drowsy effect amusing but this can still pose some cognitive function problems to a person. It can easily impair their critical thinking and reaction speed, making the use of marijuana quite dangerous, especially on certain situations such as driving. So prevent anyone you know from operating any motorized vehicle every time they are still on the ‘high’ effect of marijuana.

Goofy Demeanor

A good observation that you should do if you suspect that someone is intoxicated by marijuana is if he is acting goofier than usual. The user may tend to giggle uncontrollably on some things that aren’t even that funny. This behavior may also cause him to have a hard time in being serious to most situations, especially if it is required from him.

A girl giggling too much due to marijuana use

Eating Habits

Having “munchies” (increased eating habit) is very notable as well on marijuana users. They have an uncontrollable appetite which surely goes way beyond their normal eating habits. In fact, that person may even indulge on foods which he doesn’t even normally like so if ever you notice that behavior, then it’s possible that the person may be intoxicated by marijuana.

Eating while intoxicated by marijuana
Munchies for cannabis users

So be observant every time you notice signs from someone which you think has just abused an illegal substance such as marijuana. Just take the advice from this article and you will soon be able to notice the signs of marijuana abuse in an instant.