Aside from the effect of weed mentally, there are also some physical symptoms that you have to watch out for. You may not want other people to know that you are smoking so have to take note of these physical effects that can give you away. For some people who use medical marijuana, they will call these physical effects as the drug’s side effects.

First, smoking weed can turn your eyes red. The cannabis in your system opens up capillaries which causes the red eyes. This will go away and using an eye solution is effective in treating this “side effect” so you may want to have that solution ready when you use marijuana.

Another side effect is dry mouth and this is also not permanent. Water can be a huge help if the dryness makes you feel uncomfortable. And depending on what type of cannabis you are using, some cannabis will make you feel drowsy and tired and there is also a type of marijuana that can make you feel alert and will let you stay up for hours on end.

You should not also be that concerned about overdose. A laboratory experiment on rats showed that it will take 40,000 joints smoked within an hour for you to overdose. The rats did not even die from them; they just went into a coma for three days. Just be careful in operating machinery when you are under the influence of weed.

For the long term side effects, there are no enough and valid evidence to really show that weed can cause cancer and schizophrenia.