At a time when the attention has shifted to terpenes, does THC still matter? Of course! If some breeders have been working on smell and taste, that is because plenty of insanely potent strains already exists. Guess who has seeds of the world’s highest THC strains you could obtain and grow?

Why Choose Super Potent Strains

Most strains are already more than potent enough. So, why should you even consider these supercharged hybrids?

  • Satisfaction. If you have been using weed regularly, the effects of the same strain at the same dosage may feel diminished. It happens because your body has built up THC tolerance. Hence, you need to increase the dosage to attain the same level of satisfaction. Switching to a more potent strain that delivers the same effects eliminates the need to consume more.
  • Cost-Effective. Related to the benefit mentioned above, you use up the stash faster as the dosage increases. A higher THC strain lets you use the same amount of buds to attain the desired effects. In essence, you either prolong the dried herbs if you grew them or do not spend more money if buying them in a dispensary.
  • Quicker Relief. THC offers a plethora of therapeutic benefits. Yes, at insane concentrations, it is highly psychoactive. It could also be a godsend for individuals suffering from debilitating conditions. Along with intense euphoric high or physical relaxation (depending on the type of strain) comes faster reprieve. Super potent strains are not without cons. These are things you need to be aware of so that you could reap its benefits instead of adverse reactions.
  • THC Tolerance. You become tolerant of THC with regular cannabis use. Once you switch to a higher THC strain, you may reap the benefit, as mentioned above. In time, you still would run into the same problem – the need to up the dosage to attain the same satisfaction level. Consider, instead, to take a break from weed and let the body get rid of stored THC and lower your tolerance. Otherwise, the consumption of higher dosages of super-potent strains may lead to the next disadvantage.
  • Adverse Effects. A high dosage of THC produces an intense experience or quick relief. It also brings you closer to excessive intake, in which the effects become overwhelming and overbearing. Consequently, you may feel paranoid or highly anxious – and these are, for sure, not what you sought from weed consumption.

The World’s Highest THC Strains You Can Actually Grow

To be clear, these strains are not included due to THC concentrations alone. Other factors considered are endearing traits such as effects, smell, and taste. And, at the same time, we also looked into the growth patterns and determined that these are also among the most beginner-friendly strains you could grow inside the house.

Sativa Strains

Generally, Sativa strains are grown in warm climates, where there is a longer growing season due to long flowering time. Compared to Indica, it is taller and has slender leaves. If you are in for an energizing, euphoric high, then this is the type of weed for you.

1. Sour Diesel (up to 26% THC)

Sour Diesel Feminized
Sour Diesel Feminized Strain

The smell alone is a dead giveaway to Sour Diesel. A cross between Super Skunk and Chemdawg ’91, this strain made its debut back in the early 1990s and has since become a favorite for dreamy, energizing mental stimulation. It is also a capable medical weed for warding off pain, stress, and depression.

2. Strawberry Cough (up to 26% THC)

Strawberry Cough Feminized
Strawberry Cough Feminized Strain

Among the best smelling strains, Indica dominates. In this regard, Strawberry Cough is one of the few Sativa hybrids to exude such a delightful fruity smell of berries. Beneath the surface, it packs a large concentration of THC that could quickly uplift the mood and usher in the sense of happiness. And if you need, it can also wipe out stress or alleviate depressive symptoms.

3. Durban Poison (up to 26%)

Durban Poison Feminized
Durban Poison Feminized Strain

Sweet-smelling indeed and incredibly potent too. Durban Poison is as close to a landrace that you can get, having originated from South Africa. A couple of tokes and you are in for a productive time boosted by enhanced creativity. It is also popular among medical patients needing a reprieve from anxiety and depression.

4. Moby Dick (up to 27%)

Moby Dick Feminized
Moby Dick Feminized Strain

The Netherlands has produced many of the best hybrids in the world, and Moby Dick belongs in that conversation. The sweet, citrusy smell with vanilla and eucalyptus notes serve as a prelude to a euphoric flight. It leaves you feeling uplifted and happy while remaining productive. For therapeutic use, it has potent anti-depressant, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Indica Strains

Indica strains are shorter than Sativa and more stocky or bushy. These plants are accustomed to cold temperatures in places where the growing season is more succinct. As such, they are generally sturdy, resilient, and have fast flowering time. These traits are taken advantage of by breeders in improving the growth traits of Sativa strains.

Mostly, you can expect an intensely relaxing experience with these choices. Be mindful, too, as they are all couch-locking. As such, they should be used to end the day or when there are no planned activities.

5. Kosher Kush (up to 29% THC)

Kosher Kush Feminized
Kosher Kush Feminized Strain

Once upon a time, you could never have gotten your hands on this cultivar, and that would be a pity. High Times, in 2011, awarded it as the best strain of the year, and for good reasons too. One is the insane THC level and its uncanny ability to put your mind and body at ease, in bliss and absolute tranquility. It is also a highly capable pain reliever best used in the evening as you are more than likely to end up sleeping.

6. Grandaddy Purple (Up to 27% THC)

Granddaddy Purple thc strain
Granddaddy Purple Feminized Strain

You can have both beauty and power with Grandaddy Purple. Boasting of staggering THC levels, it certainly can take you on a dreamy, cerebral high before overwhelming your body with intense relaxation. Its ability to melt away stress and tension can help alleviate symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and stress. The numbing buzz, along with potent analgesic properties, can mitigate neuropathic pains.

7. Girl Scout Cookies (Up to 28% THC)

Girl Scout Cookies THC strain
Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Marijuana Strain

Better known nowadays as GSC, Girl Scout Cookies is a descendant of Durban Poison and OG Kush. Its popularity is such that a whiff of its sweet, earthy scent is recognizable to most cannabis enthusiasts. A beautiful plant with purplish coloration, it is also a monster when it comes to devastating the mind and the body with pure happiness and relaxation.