When you take marijuana, it is metabolized in the body and its active ingredient, THC, is the one that stays in our system. THC binds with our body’s fat cells and it stays there, that’s why the drug tests used to detect marijuana use looks for the presence of THC in the body.

Weed joint
Man preparing and rolling marijuana joint

But how long does marijuana stay in the body? There are certain factors to take into consideration for you to know for how long does marijuana stay in the body. According to some experts, weed can stay in our system from between one week to one month but that can also vary because of some variables.

The Potency of the Marijuana You are Using

The marijuana’s potency can cause a big effect on the length of time marijuana stays in your body. This is because the more potent the marijuana you are taking, the more THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is in it. Meaning, if it is more potent, you are putting and storing more THC into your body.

Potent Marijuana
Potent Marijuana Srain

THC is the chemical ingredient of marijuana which is responsible for its most wanted effects – the feeling of being high or the stoned effect. When THC is taken into the body, it is absorbed quickly by the fat tissues and different organs in the body. According to some people, the marijuana that people are using today is even more potent than it was decades ago.

How Often and How Much do You Smoke Marijuana?

The more you ingest or smoke weed, then you introduce even more THC in your body. And as time goes by, the THC will build up in the system and it will make it even harder and longer for you to eliminate them from your body.

When you use marijuana only once, marijuana can stay in your body for about three days up to one week. If you use marijuana twice of four times a month, it can be detected in your system up to eleven to twenty days. If you smoke pot or ingest weed for two to four times in one week, it can stay in your system for as long as twenty three days up to more than one month. And finally, when you use marijuana five to six times a week, it can be detected for thirty three to forty eight days. However, when you use marijuana daily, THC can still be detected in the body from about forty nine up to one hundred two days long.

Body’s Built, Metabolism and Physical Activity

As I have said, THC is stored in the body’s fat cells. Those who have a smaller body built can eliminate marijuana more quickly from their body than those who have a larger body size since they have more fat stored.

Exercise while high
Exercise while high in marijuana

Your metabolism also plays a big role on how long THC stays in the body. If your body can metabolize faster, this also means you can excrete THC in a much shorter period of time than those who have a slow metabolism.

Physical activity is also an important factor because if you are physically active, this means that you burn more fats and it would make it faster for you to eliminate THC since it will go with the fats.