Marijuana has really come a long way. Before, marijuana was considered by a lot of people as the devil’s plant, something that makes people behave in a way that they will normally not do. During early times, people only smoke or inhale it but now, there are different ways that you can take marijuana.

Just take your pick, whichever will suit you best and whichever method with give you the best marijuana experience.

Smoking Methods

We can say that smoking is the classic way of taking marijuana because this is what the people before us used to do all the time. But these days, you can enjoy smoking marijuana in more ways than one!

Joint Rolls

This is one of the most famous and easiest ways to consume marijuana. You just have to roll a piece of paper, fill it in with the good old marijuana, light it up and then you can already feel its sky high effects. There are even a few techniques now on how you can perfect your joint rolling skills. Although, I have to warn those of you who like to smoke joint that there can be some respiratory problems that could be brought to you by always doing this.

Roll A Blunt
How to properly roll a joint

Water Pipes

These are the bongs and bubblers and they come in many fun designs and styles that you can choose from. There are also a lot of people who favor this method of taking marijuana because the water that is incorporated in the bongs is said to have a filtering effect to the marijuana smoke, therefore lessening the possible harmful effects the smoke of the marijuana could do to your lungs, although this claim of the water pipes are still under debate up until this time.

Hand Pipes

This is mostly favored by a lot of marijuana users out there because this smoking method comes very handy. You can carry this wherever you may go, ready for any cannabis action at any time of the day.

By Mouth

For those who do not want to be at risk for any respiratory problems, you can take marijuana by mouth or by ingesting it. There are different ways you can take marijuana through this method.


Marijuana edibles are chasing after the smoking method in popularity in the marijuana world. There are a lot of marijuana edibles that you’ll definitely have fun making and have even more fun eating! The edibles are not only all food, there are also a lot of delicious marijuana drinks you can enjoy.

Cannabis Brownies
Brownies with marijuana


These are made of extract from the marijuana plant and users can take this by consuming the tincture itself or by adding this to food and drink in making marijuana edibles. Just be careful when taking edibles because it might take longer for the effects to be felt compared to smoking so there is a chance that you will take a lot and feel a heavy kind of high afterwards.