Studies have shown the different health benefits medical marijuana has to offer. Medical marijuana can relax the muscles, heighten the senses, decrease physical pain and even cure other diseases. With the growing number of marijuana types, patients may be confused with the right marijuana strain to buy. The good news is, doctors have divided the numerous marijuana strains and group them depending on the desired outcome.

It is important to determine the effect of each marijuana strain. Novice weed growers usually think that every marijuana strain has the same effect. Much to their knowledge, they think that the effect varies due to the person itself and not the strain. Apparently, scientists have proven that marijuana strains can be categorized from treating anxiety, clearing the head, being creative and increasing the appetite. Curious? If you want a marijuana strain but can’t decide among all the strains, read on to find out:

Increase Socializing Skills

Let’s face it, socializing skills cannot be taught since it is innate in all of us. We are all capable of conversing with other people but the strength to start a conversation is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Cannabis friends
People who likes smoking marijuana get together

Usually, the approach of a person is what makes or breaks a good conversation. With that said, smoking marijuana may help boost your confidence. No it’s not that you are going to offer weed to the person you like, you take a hit and boom, you do not give a care in the world. Some of the Marijuana strains that have this effect are Space Queen, Cat Piss and Apollo 13. 109

Keep Your Energy On A High

Oftentimes, stress from work makes you lose the energy you need for a night out. This strain targets the cerebral area of the brain. For some, marijuana is the key to an energy-filled night especially if you are suffering from Insomnia. Due to the THC content of marijuana, users often get the feeling of light-headedness and euphoria. Doctors often prescribe this type of marijuana strain to those with cancer which enables them to live through another day without the worries in the world. Marijuana strains that have this effect include Pot of Gold, Jack’s Dream and Kushage.

Unlock The Creative Mind

The next marijuana strain on our list is every artist’s best friend. Potheads usually depend on this strain to keep their muse alive and kicking. If you are a writer who almost always gets migraines due to the heavy reading you do, Love Spell is perfect for you. It has a vintage smell to it like an antique wood. Another marijuana strain is the Pineapple Express 2013, this fragrant weed gives your mind the rest it needs with a little push of creativity.

Creative mind
Becoming creative because of marijuana use

You see, contrary to popular belief that cannabis is bad for your health, it has a ton of health benefits and can even be an aid for you to get your job done. With the right type of marijuana strain in your pocket, you are sure to have the high to your success.