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The label Apollo 13 is inspired by the lunar mission in 1970. The hybrid is a descendant of two famous strains by the breeders Brothers Grimm: Princess 75 and Genius (a Jack Herer phenotype). With only 500 seeds released from the original supply, it is deemed as a rare jewel. Consequently, it has long been sought-after by many would-be growers since its first emergence.

Coincidentally, Apollo 13 has a lesser-known Indica-dominant counterpart with its namesake. This should not be confused with the more renowned Sativa-dominant variety.

Key Features

Origin Princess 75 (P75)
Indica to Sativa Ratio 15/85
THC 17-19%
CBD 0.31%
Flowering Period Indoors: 7 to 8 weeks
  Outdoors: Mid-September
Yield Indoors: 354-454 g/m2
  Outdoors: 454 g/plant
Growing Difficulty Easy


In terms of appearance, Apollo 13 carries the classic cannabis aesthetics. It has plump, spade-like buds that are painted with beautiful dark green hues. These huge colas grow in clusters and are further beautified with golden orange hairy pistils and a thick layer of frosty-white trichomes.

It has a stocky build with a size of just about 59 inches. It also has short internodes and thick stems and branches that support the giant bundles of nugs perfectly.

Fragrance and Flavor

Apollo 13 gives off rare scents of pepper and pine with hints of sour and fruity notes. Some may find this blend of fragrances the herb’s biggest turn-off. Most, however, consider this unique combination a pleasant one.

On the other hand, its taste can be likened to the herbal flavor of tea albeit mixed with a skunky aftertaste. When smoked, Apollo 13 is quite rough on the throat. If you can handle that, then this strain is for you. However, despite not having the smoothest fumes, the scent and flavor do make the toking experience so much better.


Like gold dust, Apollo 13 is quite difficult to procure. But once you get your hands on this gem, it will surely not disappoint in terms of its cerebral and therapeutic effects.


When consumed, the effects of Apollo 13 take hold quickly. Many users report a rush of creativity and motivation flowing through the veins. This is followed by an uplifted spirit and a gratifying sensation made possible by its incredible euphoria. Because of its predominant Sativa genetics, users can also experience the strain’s energy-giving property. Such reinvigoration can last for hours. 

That said, it is more of a day-time variety. According to most leisure consumers, this burst of energy is usually accompanied by giggles and a boost of social confidence. The strain also produces a cerebral high that is thought-provoking and focus-enhancing. As such, it is ideal for activities like studying or improving work performance.

Apart from the benefits of its Sativa profile, Apollo 13’s traces of Indica may also appear in the latter period of consumption. Puffing a little beyond one’s tolerance limit will take you to an outer space-like experience with the strain’s spacey psychedelic head high. And just like driving a rocketship, without proper control, anyone is bound to crash. As always, take it easy, space traveler.


While its cerebral high is mostly regarded as spacey, it does not cloud the mind. Surprisingly, it boosts the patient’s ability to concentrate, making it a viable remedy for attention-related problems. In fact, a rising population of adults with attention deficit disorders (ADD) has been reportedly prescripted with the strain in some areas in the West Coast.

Because it enhances the mood and discourages the mind from dwelling on troubled thoughts, people flooded with stress may find this strain extra helpful. Similarly, it is also an excellent pick for patients with depression and anxiety.

While it is not suitable for chronic pain, the variant can relieve minor body aches and fatigue. Patients looking for a natural treatment for nausea and poor appetite may also benefit from the hybrid.

While a go-to variant for many medical users, Apollo 13 also has adverse effects such as dry mouth and eyes and headaches. However, this can be easily alleviated with a gulp of H2O. With overindulgence, it may also arouse anxiety and paranoia.

Growing Information

This particular variety does not demand too much attention and is thus recommended even for amateur cultivators. It is also a shorter-than-average plant so it does not entail a huge indoor growing space.

The strain flourishes best at indoor setups using the Sea of Green (SOG) approach. Although, it can still be grown outdoors, considering that the climate is warm. A 1000W lamp is recommended for every four plants and while it has thicker stems, it should still be supported with stakes or netting.

Apart from a growing process that requires virtually no difficulty or trouble, Apollo 13 also flowers quickly. Indoor growers should be ready to reap large, resinous colas of 354-454 g/m2in just 7 to 8 weeks. Meanwhile, it yields 454 g/plant outdoors in mid-September.

Apollo 13 Strain

Apollo 13 is highly lauded by both consumers and cultivators for its excellent qualities. While the rare piece does not totally stand out concerning its aesthetics or flavor profile, its effects, just like the name, will surely take you to the moon and back. Even with minimal efforts, growers can also harvest cosmic yields in just a short period.

Unless you are an astronaut or a billionaire, it is almost impossible for anyone to go to space. Thanks to Apollo 13, however, a galactic experience is just a single puff away.

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The label Apollo 13 is inspired by the lunar mission in 1970. The hybrid is a descendant of two famous …

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