The cannabis sativa originated from equatorial and tropical areas of the world wherein the most notable ones are South and Central America.

You can easily spot a sativa marijuana strain based on these characteristics:

  • Tall, leggy stature with long internodal lengths
  • Thin, long-fingered leaves that comes with a light green color
  • Has similar growth patterns to that of a Christmas tree
  • It has multiple budding sites that produces thin, loosely packed buds

The reason why the Sativa has this kind of traits is so that it can adapt to the environment where it’s being grown. In humid regions that have lots of sunlight in them, the competition for the plant can be fierce and the individual plants are required to grow big and strong so that it can prevent from being shaded out.

This strain requires longer times to flower than the Indica strain wherein it can often take 13 weeks and this is usually an adaptation to the long tropical growing season. Because of their traits, this strain will mostly need a lot of attention when it’s in the grow room. The tall size can sometimes be an issue and it can be quite greedy when it comes to the nutrients wherein it uses a lot of it to undergo fast growth.

Marijuana Sativa strains can thrive outdoors and the free space is where it can truly stretch its legs even though this can only be true if you are in a warm climate. This strain is also sensitive to sudden environmental changes especially in the temperature. If it is grown in full size and in the right condition, this strain can produce some really great yields.

Sativa Strain
Cannabis Sativa Strain

Even though it doesn’t grow fast like the Indica strains, the Sativa has a great advantage over the Indica and that is the high that it can provide. The typical high that the sativa can provide is euphoric and uplifting but it cannot induce drowsiness. A lot of smokers are fans of the sativa and will go towards great lengths just to experience that unique and cerebral hit.

The smell that is associated with smoking the sativa is clean and fruity with pine or fresh lemon tones. The smoke is less harsh than the Indica which feels smooth on the throat and lungs.

When it is used in breeding programs, the cannabis sativa strains are being exploited for its psychoactive qualities and flavors. It is sometimes being hybrid with Indica purely for the sake in making the size much more manageable in a modern grown room.

The sativa strain is also more of a stimulant and is effective for relieving depression, appetite stimulation, migraines, nausea and chronic pain. The common strains of this variety include Trainwreck, Haze, K2, Kiwi Green and Kali Mist White Russian. It also has a higher THC level than the Indica, thus resulting in users experiencing a psychoactive and energetic mind high. Also, most smokers would prefer smoking a sativa during the day.