Ever wonder why marijuana growers really take time to clone their marijuana plants? Well, this is because you can never really be sure if your marijuana plant will grow to be a male or a female. Most of the time, they take up the gender of their mother marijuana plant.

And if you are a grower, you would want to have a female marijuana plants because they give you better and more yields. This is why many are embracing marijuana cloning, to make sure that the plant that they are going to grow will be female.

Marijuana cloning can really help a lot to save money from buying marijuana seeds, since those little things don’t always come cheap.

What Is Cloning?

Cloning you plants is a good way for you to propagate them by using an sexual form of reproduction, you just have to cut a healthy shoot of the plant and then you root that part that you cut. By doing this, you are now creating a clone of that plant where you cut from. This process is also known as taking a cutting. The best thing about cloning is that the plant’s clone is the exact genetic copy of the main or the mother plant.

Cloning marijuana
Cloning procedure

If you want to save some money but also want to have several marijuana plants that are of good quality, I suggest that you invest some money in buying yourself a good marijuana seed from a trusted marijuana seed bank company first. Grow those seeds into healthy marijuana plants then you can clone them all you want.

Easy Marijuana Cloning

First, you have to trim healthy and good cutting from a healthy and good quality marijuana plant, the cutting should be about six to eight inches long. Keep in mind that you should clip most of the plant’s leaves off but the top leaves should be left intact. Next, you have to dip those cutting in a rooting powder or a rooting gel. After that, you can now put it in a planting mix or a sterile soil, whatever you have prepared.

The ideal temperature so that your cutting will grow best is between 22 to 24 degrees Celsius. In about eight to twelve days, the marijuana’s roots will already start to show. Make sure that you maintain the sterility of your growing medium. You can promote an increase of the levels of oxygen in the water to promote rooting even better. You can also create a solution that is composed of five parts of water and one part of hydrogen peroxide

Lighting is also another factor that is very important in this process. You should provide your cutting with about 10 watts of white and cool fluorescent light per square foot. The humidity where your clones are kept in should be about sixty-five percent or higher. You can use covers to maintain the humidity but don’t forget to remove the covers after 5 – 6 days but keep the clones in high humidity.