The most exciting thing about growing marijuana at home is the use of the hydroponic method. Growing in hydro gives higher yield in a shorter period of time without sacrificing the quality and consistency of your weed seeds. In short, this can only more profit for you!

Cannabis Grow Room growing mistakes
A Model of Cannabis Grow Room

But while your marijuana business is growing at ever-increasing rates, there are some important tips a grower must remember to keep the cannabis crops at a high standard of quality without a decrease or fluctuation in quantity.

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts in growing marijuana hydroponically:

The Do’s Of Hydro

Set-Up The Hydro With A Back-Up. How does one do this? Before a marijuana grower takes a bold step to grow in hydro, he must already be experienced in the traditional growing of marijuana plants, whether outdoor or indoor. This is important because this becomes the back-up in case the hydro you set-up fails or does not yield higher crops which you’ve come to expect.

Make Sure You’ve Done Your Research. Growing marijuana hydroponics entails not only the techniques and technology, it also means as a grower you have to have a complete set of hydro equipment for your cannabis crops. This includes the weed seeds, white paint (or mylar), hydroponic vitamins, pots or other suitable containers recommended by hydro equipment stores, potting medium (such as coco coir), compact fluorescent lights (although, nowadays, the environment-friendly LEDs are much preferred), a timing device and a pH soil test. In short, you really need to be prepared to grow in hydro.

Hydroponics method
Marijuana seedling in hydroponics method

Prepare The Pot Room. The task of making ready the indoor hydro grow room is a basic principle. This gives the suitable environment for hydroponically tending your cannabis seedlings since light is very important to the growth and development of your marijuana seedlings. It maximizes their potential in more ways than you will realize it. The grow lights complement the hydro grows well.

The Actual Germination And Planting Of Cannabis Seedlings. For the weed seeds to “wake up” from their sleep, there are a few proven tips you can research online or ask your hydro equipment supplier.

A Little Care Goes A Long Way. Going hydro does not mean that you couldn’t care less than when you were using a soil medium for your cannabis seedlings. A serious weed grower always takes a hands-on management approach to his business, especially when using hydro.

The Don’ts Of Hydro

Don’t Be A Know-It-All. Ask for help when you’re not sure about the set-up of the hydro. Experienced hydro growers will always tell you about the certain distance of the light and the ventilation in marijuana indoor grow room.

Don’t Go In The Room Without An Umbrella. This is a metaphor, of course. Hydro means water, so be ready to get wet once in a while. Yes, it is best that, if necessary, you wear a water-proof suit so that you can manage and nurture those precious cannabis seedlings with a “green” thumb, so to speak.

Hydroponics system
Growing marijuana in hydroponics

Don’t Forget The Timer & The Hydroponic Nutrients. Basic gardening advice: there is a cannabis season for everything and trust marijuana fertilizers. This is especially true when dealing with prized female plants. Forget this piece of good marijuana advice and you will be regretting it for sure!

So, there you are! Some of the do’s and don’ts in growing marijuana hydroponically. Always remember, with the hydro in your marijuana indoor grow room – be prepared because when it rains, it pours!