Ever, marijuana has really been one of the most controversial plants and we all very much know why that is. In the past, it has been looked at as the devil’s plant, maybe there are even some who looked at it and thought of it as something that Satan himself planted in the soils of the Earth just to bring confusion and chaos. But again, we now know that that is not true.

The discoveries about the cannabis plant really came as a big surprise, even unbelievable to some of us. Who would have thought that something that a lot of people once thought of as demonic could have such good effects to people who need them most? Who would have thought that many, many years later, people would look at that plant in a different light, it is no longer glared at or looked at with such disgust, rather, it is now accepted and embraced with open arms (for most part and countries around the world) and it has made a difference to the lives of many.

Yes, it is true that marijuana has brought change, hope and even health to a lot of people who never thought that they still have a chance but does that mean that marijuana really was a misunderstood plant in the beginning? Or does that only mean that it has two sides and you can choose whether you want to try its good or its bad side? What claims about this plant seem to be not true based on what people has observed?

Marijuana As A Gateway Drug

They say that use of marijuana will lead you to using harder and more dangerous forms of drugs. This is what people say to scare you from trying it out. But a lot of marijuana users, actually almost all of them, can prove to you that this claim about marijuana is not true. Most of them already feel good enough with what they get from cannabis that they don’t need to look at the other things to feel what they want to feel. If anything, they just proved to us that marijuana is a gateway to eating more food.

Marijuana plants
Marijuana plant misunderstood

Brain Damage/Insanity

This claim just doesn’t make any sense. People might have mistaken other drugs with marijuana when they made this claim. It is true that marijuana works on your brain but it was also found out that it is impossible for people to have a marijuana overdose, experts even claim that it would take a superhuman to have a marijuana overdose and brain or mental damage only occurs when people overdose or have too much drug. As time goes by, this claim just gets more and more unlikely.

Times are changing and it is true that nothing is constant in this world. The thing that everyone once thought was the enemy is now the same thing that people who are almost running of hope is clinging on to live.