Edibles are among the most discreet ways of consuming marijuana, that’s for sure. Yet, there are instances when the good old pot brownie just won’t cut it. Sometimes, your craving for a whiff of some cannabinoid-rich smoke may already be too intense. But, what if you live with your parents or some judgmental housemates? Or, what if you’re staying in a non-cannabis-friendly hotel? Don’t worry. There are ways about it.

In this article, we’ll detail how to smoke weed without anyone knowing.

How to Smoke Weed Inside Your House or Hotel Room Without the Smell

Smoking weed discreetly requires a great deal of craftiness and backbone. You need to have some good sense, too. Sadly, there is no shortage of stories about people getting caught for the lamest reasons. If you’re lucky, you can get away with just paying a $200 fine or so. But in the worst-case scenario, your neighbor or the hotel staff may call the police, resulting in your arrest. Fortunately, if you’re well-prepared, you can sidestep these unpleasant scenarios.

1. Consider Your Surroundings

Don’t just smoke whenever and anywhere you want to. Make sure to consider your environment first. Are you in a place where people are likely to call the police as soon as they smell pot from your room? Is there bad blood between you and your neighbor, and are they desperate to get you evicted? Do you live in a neighborhood where cops are prowling about?

women on building balcony
Two women on a building balcony

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, then lighting up a joint may be a bad idea. Don’t risk it. This may all sound like common sense, but unfortunately, it’s something many users tend to forget. So, while you still have your wits about you, be extra vigilant. You’ll likely have poorer judgment once you’re all blitzed up.

2. Use a Smokebuddy

A Smokebuddy is a personal air filter. This genius creation is designed to remove smoke, eliminate odor, and reduce secondhand smoke, allowing you to keep all the smoke to yourself. To use, all you have to do is exhale through the Smokebuddy, which will then release clean, odorless air on the other end. To sweeten the deal, it is also compact, easily stored, and good for over 300 uses.

3. Make a Sploof

If you don’t have access to a Smokebuddy, consider making a sploof instead. Don’t worry, it’s fairly simple. All you need is a plastic bottle, dryer sheets, scissors, and elastic ties.

Here’s a quick and easy way to make a sploof:

  1. Cut off about two-thirds of the lower portion of the bottle. Alternatively, you can also puncture several holes at the bottom instead. And if you don’t have any plastic bottle on hand, a cardboard toilet paper roll will suffice.
  2. Stuff the plastic bottle or toilet roll with the fragrant dryer sheets. You want the sploof to be full – but not packed.
  3. Wrap a final dryer sheet over the bottom of the bottle. If you used a toilet paper tube, any end will do. Secure the sheet with a rubber band. For larger plastic bottles, consider using tape instead of an elastic tie.

To use the sploof, simply blow the marijuana fumes into the opening. Prepared to be amazed as the skunk-like, grassy smoke turns into the perfumed smell of sweet linen breeze.

4. Try the Towel Trick

Stoners have relied on this trick for ages. Put simply, it entails packing moistened towels against the crack of the door and other gaps. While it will not fully eliminate the marijuana odor, it is still better than nothing. The downside to this technique, though, is that it has become so popular that landlords and hotel staff may already know about it. So, proceed with caution.

5. Smoke by the Window

If you don’t want your room to retain the smell like pot, then blowing the smoke out of the window seems like the most obvious thing to do. This is true, but only to a certain extent. If you’re on the first floor, for instance, this option is off the table. That’s because the cannabis fumes will only waft upwards, giving you away to the occupants living on the higher floors. Likewise, it is also ill-advised if your room is near the streets, which means that passers-by and patrol officers will immediately catch on.

smoke weed besides the window
A girl smoking weed besides the window

In any case, smoking by the window is only recommended if you live on the upper floors. Preferably, it should be done with a pipe or a bong, which produces less odor. Remember, always survey your surroundings before blazing up that joint.

6. Hotbox in the Bathroom or Shower

One of the smartest ways to mask the overpowering smell of weed is to smoke in the shower. For best results, consider hotboxing while steaming up your bathroom. This method is also known as the Jamaican Hotbox or Hawaiian Hotbox.

Hotboxing refers to the practice of smoking or vaping marijuana in a small, enclosed space to maximize the psychotropic effects of the plant. And the bathroom – particularly the shower – is among the best spots to hotbox. That’s because steam could make the smoke much thicker, helping amplify the mind-bending high. Not to mention, the rising humidity levels may also may you feel more spacey. This specific method is also referred to as the Jamaican Hotbox or Hawaiian Hotbox.

Here’s how to successfully hotbox in the shower:

  1. Close the doors and windows.
  2. Block off the air access by placing damp towels in any gaps and openings.
  3. Turn the shower to the highest setting. Put it on full blast.
  4. Wait until the bathroom fills up with steam before blazing up your joint, pipe, or bong. You can sit on the floor or the ledge of the tub – whatever is most comfortable for you.
  5. Turn off the shower after a few minutes.
  6. Enjoy your hotboxing session.
  7. Air out the room afterward and spray some deodorizer or air freshener. If you want, you can take an actual shower, too.

Keep in mind that the odors may linger in the bathroom for about an hour or so after the toking session. So, make sure to keep people away from the bathroom during that period. If you can overcome that hurdle, then congratulations! You should be able to hotbox in a bathroom without any issues.

7. Get Rid of Any Incriminating Evidence

No, don’t throw your roach, filters, sploof, and other smoking material on the trashcan. You might as well have admitted that you’re guilty as charged. If you only have some ash and a bit of junk left, you can flush everything in the toilet. Do the same with your filthy bong water. Otherwise, bring a container where you can safely stow larger wastes.

8. Buy an Air Purifier

Air purifiers can be a bit expensive, but they are worth the investment if you’re a regular pot smoker. In essence, they remove the contaminants in the air, significantly improving its overall quality. In so doing, these ultra-convenient devices can also reduce or even eliminate any lingering marijuana smoke. Take note, though, that while effective, air purifiers don’t work instantly.

9. Get a Room Spray or Deodorizer

If you’re smoking indoors, one simple way of throwing off the stench is by using a room spray, deodorizer, or scented candles. With other smells in the room, it will be harder to detect the traces of ganja. You can also consider cooking heavily spiced food or brewing a cup of coffee.

Air Freshener
Aroma lamp on table

But here’s the thing. Make sure not to use too much fragrance. This rings especially true for cheap, artificial-smelling air fresheners. Rather than covering your tracks, it will just be a dead giveaway that something else happened in your room. Not to mention, some parents and landlords tend to know the smell of air freshener once it has been mixed with marijuana smoke. Be subtle about it.

Note: Removing the stink of weed smoke is generally more preferred. So, try to cover up the smell only if you don’t have a choice.

10. Be Nice to the Cleaning Crew

As the adage goes, a little bit of kindness goes a long way. That includes greeting and tipping the cleaning crew daily. If you’re on good terms with each other, then they are less likely to snitch on you. But really, you should be kind to them whether or not you’ll be smoking weed. It’s just common courtesy.

Smoke Weed Safely Anytime, Anywhere

Some people can’t live without marijuana flowers for too long. But due to laws, legality, and social stigma, you can’t just blaze up your joint, pipe, or bong whenever you want. This rings true even when you’re at home, where you may have your family, housemates, and nosy neighbors to deal with. And if you’re staying in a non-420-friendly hotel or accommodation, then you’ll have to tread even more carefully. The slightest mistake could mean a hefty fine – or the police crashing in your smoke-riddled room.

Smoking marijuana blunt
Man light up a marijuana blunt

More than just being discreet, though, what’s truly important is to be street-smart when smoking. Specifically, you need to be well-prepared, cautious, and ready to deal with any unpleasant situations. You’ll also need to know when to back off. If the risks of getting caught are far too great, for example, then consider just nibbling onto your edibles for now. Breaking the law, in most cases, is just not worth it.