Marijuana brownie is one of the most common and easiest marijuana edibles to make. Do you want to make a superb marijuana brownies? I’ll show you how. But first, you have to know that making edibles with weed is not that easy. You don’t just throw in leaves or buds in the food. You have to extract the oil or butter from the cannabis first.

There are two ways of making a superb marijuana brownies – you can make it using either butter or oil.

Making Marijuana Brownies Using Oil

The ingredients you have to prepare are oil (any oil except olive), about 2 and a half grams of marijuana, a brownie mix, a grinder, a coffee filter or pasta strainer, frying pan and a wooden spoon.

If you are going to use a box of brownie mix, you are going to need an ounce of cannabis. First, you have to grind the weed until it is fine as powder. Spread the marijuana powder on a frying pan and pour the oil directly to the weed powder on the pan, depending on how much is specified on the brownie recipe.

Cannabis Brownie
Freshly baked marijuana brownie

Set the burner on low heat and wait until it starts to simmer then decrease it to the lowest heat. Leave the burner for about two to six hours (2 hours average) but stir the marijuana and oil every thirty minutes using a wooden spoon.

When you are done with the weed and oil mixture, pour it to a filter and strain the extra pot out. You should have musky brown-colored oil without any leaves, seeds or stems of cannabis. Now this is the oil you are going to use in making your brownie.

Marijuana Brownie Using The Butter Method

You will need cannabis butter, 2.5 grams of marijuana per serving, a grinder, a coffee filter, a brownie mix, a wooden spoon and a small and large pot.

Fill the large pot with clean water and place it on a burner with relatively the same size so that the pot will be evenly heated up. Put the smaller pot inside it and put two-3 butter sticks in it.

Set the burner on a low heat until the water in the big pot starts to simmer then set the burner at a lower setting. The water in the larger pot will heat the THC up on the weed butter in the smaller pot. Burning the cannabis or the butter will destroy the weed’s active ingredient, THC, and burning it will cause your marijuana brownies to be useless.

Next, you have to leave the pots on the burner for about two to three hours or even longer. After that time, you can now pour the butter on a filter to remove any remnants of the marijuana bud. Now that you have marijuana butter, you can now spread it throughout a large pan where you will pour you brownie mixture in. Cook the brownie in the oven for about half an hour up to one hour at about 350 degrees.

Dig in and enjoy getting high!