If you want to give your recipe that involves butter a whole new twist then you can try using cannabis butter. This recipe is best to use in brownies. By infusing this special ingredient, it will help you dodge the disadvantages of smoking (smell and health risks) while you still enjoy the things you love about the drug.

If this new crazy way of consuming marijuana gets you all pumped up then this directions below will help you set that up. You should know that the butter will taste as good as the type of weed that you infused it with. Some people who have tried this got so addicted with it that they even use it for their daily foods such as using cannabis butter on their toast or adding it to their baked potato.

Cannabis Butter
Cannabis Butter

However, you should know that if you input a stronger type and amount of marijuana into your butter then the stronger the effects will be so make sure that you plan accordingly.

Step By Step Procedure

Now that you’re all pumped up and ready to go then here is the step-by-step process on how to infuse weed into your butter.

  1. Put a quart of water into a medium-sized saucepan and bring it to a boil. Add in about half ounce of weed into the water. This is the recommended amount of marijuana but you can add in some more if you want to increase the intensity of the effects.
  2. Once the water reaches its boiling point, add the butter into the pan and let it melt completely. The recommended amount of butter is 4 sticks for every ounce of marijuana. But then again, you can increase the amount if you need to.
  3. Stir the mixture for a little while and turn the heat down until it’s barely to a simmer. The recommended cooking time is around 3 hours. You can tell if your cooking is done when the top of the mixture becomes thick and glossy.
  4. Set up a bowl to be used for holding down your finished product. If you don’t have a bowl, you can also use something like a plastic food container. Put in a double layer of cheesecloth over the top of the bowl or container and secure it with a string, tape, or elastic.
  5. Strain the marijuana-butter mixture over the bowl and be careful in not allowing it to spill. Once you have emptied the contents of the saucepan, undo the twine, remove the cheesecloth and squeeze out all of the butter that remained.
  6. Let your cannabis butter (cannabutter) mixture to cool down for about an hour. Put it inside the fridge until the butter has risen to the top layer and became solid in texture. This process has allowed the THC to fuse with the butter.
  7. For the final step, run a knife around the edges of the container and lift off the butter from it. Put it upside down on a flat surface and scrape of the remaining water. After that, your cannabutter is ready to be served on whichever food that you like. Enjoy!