Apart from being famous as a substance for smoking, marijuana can also be consumed in a number of different ways.

The most popular way of consuming marijuana apart from smoking is eating it in the form of brownies. Marijuana brownies are a popular treat amongst stoners because it is a delicious treat that can provide you with the “high” that you are looking for in the drug.

Marijuana Brownies
Chocolate Marijuana Brownies

When making marijuana brownies, you don’t easily just throw in the marijuana buds into the mixture and just chow it down. The THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is considered to be the most active ingredient in the drug and as for the brownies; this compound must be extracted first into oil or butter mixture and then have it added or to be cooked with the food.

Of all the edible ways of consuming marijuana, brownies are without a doubt the best one of them all.

Cooking Marijuana Brownies in Oil Method

Ingredients & Materials:

  • Oil (other than olive oil)
  • 5g of weed per serving (an ounce of mids or dank works well)
  • Grinder
  • Filter (strainer or coffee filter can be good)
  • Frying Pan
  • Brownie Mix
  • Wooden Spoon

For a box of brownies, an ounce of mids or half ounce of dank is what you will need. Grind up the marijuana using the grinder until it turns into a powdery substance.

After you have produced a fine powdery substance of the marijuana, spread it right into the frying pan. It would be ideal to match the frying pan with the burner size for it to cook evenly when you need to extract the THC. Pour the oil directly into the marijuana powder based on how much was required according to the instructions of the brownie mixture.

Turn the burner to low (numbers 2 – 3) until it starts to become slimmer and after that, you can lower down the burner to its lowest settings. Leave the burner on for about 2-6 hours (2 hours will be the average) depending on what you want and continue stirring the marijuana in the oil for every 30 minutes using the wooden spoon.

Weed Brownie
Marijuana brownies edible good for getting high

Once the pot is done, pour the mixture into a filter to strain out the excess marijuana. When everything is strained out, you will be left with musky brown colored oil without any of the particles of marijuana in it. The reason why you need to strain out the marijuana particles is because they have no contents of THC left since it has all been extracted into the oil.

Using the oil with extracted THC in it, you can now bake the brownies just by following the instructions that was indicated in its box.

With this treat, you can share it to your friends who don’t prefer smoking but may be in need of the effects of marijuana. You need to also watch out for the potency of the THC of the marijuana you used. If it’s potent then make sure to limit your brownie intake because its effect may also be powerful.