Marijuana – the green weed that we all know and most of us love. This magical piece of botanical wonder is surprising in its own right because of the serene and relaxing feeling that you get just by getting high. Of course, not everyone is happy with the recent legalization of marijuana use because a lot of people still consider weed to be “bad” or just like other addictive illegal substances. Well, guess what? Weed isn’t illegal anymore so there’s the silver lining!

The debate still continues whether weed is good or bad. This has been continuing for years, sparking constant arguments from both sides. But what are the implications of legalizing marijuana use now?

Economic Boost

Let’s face it – by legalizing marijuana, it becomes a growing business in selling weed and other accessories for marijuana use. And we all know that marijuana doesn’t go by cheap. Shops selling weed have now come up and the money coming from the accumulated taxes on each marijuana product can potentially earn millions or even billions of dollars in the following years. That’s just on the commercial marijuana but what about the medical marijuana that could potentially earn even more? It’s certain that with legalizing marijuana, the economy would experience a huge boost.

Investment Money for Marijuana
Marijuana is a good business

For Medical Reasons

Did you know that the huge proportions of the people who support the legalizing of marijuana use are working in the healthcare industry? This is because the medical implications of marijuana are often overlooked due to the misunderstanding that using weed can lead a person to do bad things under its influence. But weed can be used to treat a number of health conditions which include chronic pain, cancer, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and many more.

A Huge Misconception

Most people think that using weed equals to doing a crime. However, that’s only true when marijuana use wasn’t legalized yet. A lot of people have been imprisoned all because they were in possession or just using marijuana without actually committing real crimes. In fact, those people who take alcohol and other illegal substances like cocaine and heroin make up those who commit crimes. What weed brings is a sense of relaxation that eases the senses, either helping you to be alert or helping you get some sleep so there’s little harm in weed causing crime.

Establishment of Proper Laws

A fact that we must face is that prisons are getting crowded as more people go in and very little go out. Legalizing marijuana means that proper laws can be established when it comes to the use of marijuana, its limitations and lessening the amount of people who go into prisons just for possessing marijuana. This would also mean less crowded prisons that can accommodate the more deserving criminals.

Marijuana legalization
Legalization of marijuana

Alas, the acceptance of marijuana use is still a bit shaky even after its legalization. Hopefully, these implications can help in the approval of the people. While it may not come quickly, the integration of using weed could help the economy in several aspects.