After a low holiday season of 2020, this year promises to be better as the virus is under control. But it is still here, and Canadians need to be conscious about being safe during the festivities. The best advice is to avoid crowds and outings and celebrate with close ones at home. You can have a great time with your cannabis gang even as you revel without being at your favorite party venue. But you must follow the holiday season etiquette for the new normal to ensure safety for everyone. Here are some recommendations from experts.

Virus safety should be your priority

Even before thinking about safe cannabis experiences, you must prioritize virus safety. Your gang will probably be vaccinated, but you still need to follow social distancing at get-togethers. Avoid having long guest lists, and stick with your inner circle. It is equally crucial to steer clear of sharing bongs and pipes. Follow these simple rules, and you will not have to worry about the pandemic.

Ensure legit use of cannabis

Although cannabis is legal in Canada, you still have to follow some rules. Ensuring legitimacy is also an integral part of holiday etiquette. After all, you will not want to spoil the fun by getting into legal trouble. Check the legal age in your province and make sure all your guests are of the approved age. Remember that you can legally possess and share only 30 grams of cannabis in Canada. Also, you must buy only from a legit dispensary.

Stay on the path sign.

Do not skimp on quality

Holidays or no holidays, you must never skimp on the quality of cannabis. The worst thing to do is buy it for the cheap only to save some dollars. You may end up with a bad trip for everyone. Thankfully, there are plenty of places in the country where you can buy quality stash. If you want to buy quality cannabis in niagara falls, choose a reputable seller. You can get recommendations and read reviews of the seller before stocking up for the party. Also, stick with credible brands when you pick packaged products.

Know your guests

As a host, you need to go the extra mile with cannabis holiday etiquette. Know your guests and consider their preferences before deciding the menu. It is equally vital to understand their experience and tolerance levels. You will not want anyone to go over the top, so make sure you offer just enough to give them a happy high. Mention the THC levels for each edible you serve to ensure that everyone consumes consciously.

Make everyone safe and comfortable

With holiday cannabis, everyone should be safe and comfortable to have the best time. It is the responsibility of the host and guests. Do not serve alcohol and cannabis together because they do not mix well. Avoid driving after the revelry, rather plan a sleepover after the party. Focus on enjoying the party while not overdoing things, and you can double up the festive fun.

Cannabis holiday etiquette is the same as every year, but you must consider the risks of the new normal. Do your bit for pandemic safety and consume consciously to have a good time.