Adolescence is a difficult time to endure for every child. Apart from undergoing peer pressure, this is the usual time of their lives when they undergo using drugs such as marijuana. If you find your teen suspicious of using illicit drugs, then don’t immediately jump to that conclusion because it may ruin their trust or make them feel degraded. So for now, all you can do is find proof and if ever you find evident ones, then that’s probably the time that you do the consultation.

Here are some ways on how to know if your child teen is using marijuana:

Search For The Drug

If you have indeed found a stash of marijuana in your teen’s room, then that may be evidence that he indeed may be using marijuana. The most common storage of marijuana is plastic pill containers, zip locks, improvised containers or small jars because it ensures the freshness of the plant and that its quality is maintained. Also, this particular drug is quite expensive in weight so they can easily be hidden in small crevices or spaces.

Search For Drug Paraphernalia

If you can’t find the drug, then the next item you have to look for is the paraphernalia. Paraphernalia is a device used to deliver the drug and in the case of marijuana, it can either be a bong, rolling papers, grinders, pipes, roach clips or several other accessories. Having these items present is a definite sign that your teen has indeed been using marijuana or perhaps some other drugs as well. But you should take note that paraphernalia can often come in improvised forms such as empty soda cans, aluminum foil and even apple.

Marijuana Grinder
Cannabis Grinder

Track The Spending Habits Of Your Teen

A marijuana can be a bit expensive wherein a single ounce of it can cost somewhere around $100. For adolescents and teens, this money can be easily obtained, especially if they do part-times or extra works such as babysitting, chores, jobs and many more. But if your teen is always asking you for a significant amount of money, that might also be a sign of marijuana use. But you need to also use your discretion because teens can also spend that money on other things (probably even illegal ones) besides pot.

Watch Out For Misplaced Or Disappearing Items In Your House

There are some teens that would do whatever it takes with whatever they have to get high just by using common household items such as improvised pipes or several other tools. For example, something like an aerator from the faucet can be used as a pipe screen. There are several household items that can be used for smoking marijuana and if you notice that things go missing from time-to-time, then that’s the moment you raise some concerns about your teen’s use of marijuana.

Teen smoking marijuana
Teen smoking cannabis

So far, these are the things that you could do to know if your teen has indeed been using marijuana. Just follow each one and you are sure to bust your teen the next time he smokes.