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While there are various strains of cannabis that are available today, only a few manage to stand out. But the Willy’s Wonder cannabis strain is one of those rare strains that have achieved a legendary reputation that you just have to try to really appreciate. If you’re an avid stoner, then you don’t want to miss trying out Willy’s Wonder.

Strain Details and Plant Features

Bred back in the 1980s, Willy’s Wonder has grown and has become one of the most well-known and potent cannabis strains available on the market. Willy’s Wonder or William’s Wonder is a dominantly Indica cannabis strain that contains genes from the Afghani strain. The flowers are often colorful, cycling with colors of yellow, green and red.

The scent of this strain is a mix of tropical fruit to citrus, containing a mix of a sweet and sour taste. While it gives a great stone, Willy’s Wonder is not for beginners as it’s incredibly potent and can be too much to handle.

Smoking Effects

Smoking Willy’s Wonder brings about a flavorful experience. It has a pungent smell but has a sweet and honey-like taste, a combination that’s unique to the strain. As for its effects, it brings about a euphoric high that’s expected from most Indica strains. It brings a relaxing and uplifting stone that’s perfect for lounging in the evening and has a number of positive effects to the body. It also helps making you feel more creative and feel happier, initiating a spur of inspiration and lazy energy that’s relaxing to enjoy.

Medicinal Use

The use of Willy’s Wonder in the medical field focuses mostly on psychological aspects of human health. This strain is primarily used to fight off stress and anxiety because of its relaxing effects. But because of its uplifting and euphoric effects, Willy’s Wonder is also used to help those who are suffering from depression. Other uses of Willy’s Wonder include relieving pain, easing muscle cramps and helping those suffering from insomnia.

More about Willy’s Wonder

While there are various strains of cannabis that are available today, only a few manage to stand out. But the …

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