Alaskan Thunderfuck Marijuana Strain
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With regards to the origin of this strain, the Alaskan Thunderfuck has a lot of debate surrounding it. One source said that the seeds originated as the Matanuska Tundra marijuana in the Matanuska Valley, north of Anchorage. Another reputable source stated that the Thunderfuck is the same marijuana strain while others said that it has been crossed. It also shows the traits of an Indica, Sativa and some Ruderalis.

No matter what the true origin of this strain is, the results are beyond question. The Alaskan Thunderfuck marijuana seeds can produce a very strong weed with a very heavy stone that will creep up on the smoker and is there to stay for a long time.

It is well-known for containing an exceptionally high THC and high CBD content, thus providing users an overall very heady smoke. There is also a very distinctive chocolaty taste and a musky, earthy smell that is associated with this strain.

The northern heritage that the Alaskan Thunderfuck was derived from makes it ideal to be grown on the outdoors at more northern latitudes and the knock-out qualities that it has makes it great for pain relief and sleep. This certainly provides the marijuana strain with great interest for something that is ideal for medical use.

Alaskan Thunderfuck should be mostly considered as a morning or daytime smoking option because of its uplifting and pleasant nature. This strain is not recommended for beginners or moderate users since this plant can be a bit finicky and it does not respond too well to climate changes and it certainly hates humidity. But as long as you have these issues covered and taken care of, then you’re good to go using this marijuana strain.

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