Blueberry Marijuana Strain
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The Blueberry strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. It originated back in the late 70s and the early 80s during the peak of marijuana use. Considered as one of the most exotic and colorful strains of marijuana available today, a lot of people certainly have their eyes on the Blueberry strain. It is speculated that over 100 strains have been used in breeding this strain as it can be traced back in its genetics.


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Characteristics and Features

The Blueberry cannabis strain is known for its purple and blue colors on both fan leaves and the flowers akin to the colors of blueberries, hence the name. As for its aroma, the Blueberry strain has a very fruity and aromatic smell when smoking and it has a rich blueberry taste that is considered unique for the strain.


Smoking Effects

As for smoking, the Blueberry cannabis strain is known for its taste and smell that’s very close to the smell and taste of blueberries. Though the Blueberry strain is a hybrid, it is dominantly an Indica strain which means it falls more on the sense of euphoria than falling asleep. As such, this strain can help those who want a spur of relaxed energy and creativity in their work, especially since there are a lot of claims from users that they don’t feel tired after smoking the Blueberry strain.


Medicinal Use

Because of its relaxing effects, the Blueberry strain can help those who have a problem with stress and anxiety to calm their nerves. Since the Blueberry strain also doesn’t have that sense of weariness unlike most Indica strains have, it’s a perfect junction to bring about a “relaxed” form of energy which helps those who want to do their work without all the stress or anxiety. However, it should be noted that some users have also reported that the effects of the Blueberry strain doesn’t last that long.



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