Warlock Marijuana Seeds
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From the name itself, the Warlock is a marijuana plant that equals to a male witch, master of the dark arts or magus. The Warlock strain is usually an Indica-dominant type of plant. The male is an inbred for 2 generations that are longer than the pre-2000 Warlock and it was crossed back to the original mother of the Warlock.

This particular strain is famous for winning 3rd place during the 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup.

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  • Seed Bank: Serious Seeds
  • Genetics: Indica dominant
  • Photoperiod/Autoflowering: Photoperiod
  • Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks
  • Height: Unknown
  • THC %: Unknown


Plant Description

The Warlock marijuana is ideal to grow indoors that has a climate that is similar to gloomy autumn. If it is given with a good indoor light, this usually grows outward rather than growing upward thus filling any space that is available around it.

As a grower, you need to be consistent in pruning the branches or maybe even the removal of the plants to prevent crowding and maximize the light that is coming to the buds and will therefore yield per square meter.

Even though this plant likes to branch out, it is still not that leafy. If it shows up, then they are usually medium-sized and are fairly easy to manicure. As long as space is important to you, the Warlock can be grown in any of the usual mediums or in any style.


Smoking Effects

The Warlock has a raisin-like palate that verges on sour candy and provides a stimulating buzz. If you want to replace your tobacco and want a companion for your coffee, then the Warlock is a very good replacement.

It comes with a strong and sweet smell and may sometimes be a bit sour. If you pair this strain with a good java, it will help aid in focus, relieve attention problems (depression, deficit / hyperactive disorder) and even dry up sodden thoughts.

One response to “Warlock Marijuana Seeds

  1. This is no doubt one of the best buds I have tasted. The aroma when smoking is unbelievable!



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