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Growers in the US mostly come up with strong genetics such as the Kali Dog. One amazing fact about this cannabis strain is its strong Indica influx although it is a Sativa dominant. Kalig Dog seeds are now among the most popular for cannabis consumers who prefer to enjoy full-flavored, heavy-hitting aroma.

Plant Features

Kali Dog plants have big, dense buds and are popular for their strong, skunky odors. Its strong and irresistible lemon fuel scent makes this cannabis strain powerful. Moreover, this variety of marijuana is a heavy feeder so it is capable of absorbing strong bloom nutrients and boosters. However, the heavy and dense buds of this plant usually requires cropping and trimming in order to prevent molds, bud rots and powdery mildews as it tends to stretch while on its early flowering stage.

Growth and Yielding

Growers know that Kali Dog plants are a bit less easy to grow but it is recommended not to allow the plant grow too tall while on its vegetative stage. This cannabis strain is typically grown indoors and it can yield to as much as 600 grams per square meter with a 600W HPS lighting condition.  Its flowering stages normally takes up to 10 weeks but with extra attention, it can be shortened to around 8 weeks. Overall, Kali Dog plants can obtain its best quality only when proper cultivation procedures are maintained.

Smoking Effects

As mentioned, Kali Dog has a strong flavor that it easily gives an irresistible head-high feeling when smoked. Experts warn not to take this cannabis strain excessively. Once excessive amount of this marijuana variety is inhaled, the consumer would likely experience terrible headache and temporary effects on his cognitive functions. Anyway, at the price of €25 for every 3 seeds, this cannabis strain is considerably worth growing.

More about Kali Dog

Growers in the US mostly come up with strong genetics such as the Kali Dog. One amazing fact about this …

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