Alien Dawg Marijuana Strain
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A potent strain of Northern California and Afghan ancestry, Alien Dawg is a cross between two famed landraces on the planet: Chemdawg, which is the source of noteworthy hybrids such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel, and Alien Technology – an Indica variant that is said to be smuggled by a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan. Apart from its lineage, however, the Indica-dominant variant is also celebrated for a head and body buzz that is out of this world.

Key Features

 Alien Technology
Indica to Sativa Ratio70/30
Flowering PeriodIndoors: 8 to 9 weeks
 Outdoors: Mid or late September
Growing DifficultyEasy


Alien Dawg has tiny but dense buds that can sometimes be stout and circular and other times, more slender in shape. Similar to most Alien strains, the hybrid is heavily sprinkled with glistening trichomes. As such, the colas exhibit a vibrant olive green hue that looks almost yellow due to its resin content. The buds are also a bit wispy, with streaks of orange and emerald to lime green hairs spreading throughout the calyxes.

Fragrance and Flavor

Alien Dawg owes its enticing mix of fragrances from its parent strains. The sweet aroma with a trace of pine can be attributed to Alien Technology. On the other hand, it has inherited its sour scent from Chemdawg.

Generally, it is marked by a delightful combination of sour berry and diesel with pungent earthy undertones. Others also liken the scent to sour candies. This aromatic blend is immediately noticed once the buds are pinched between the fingers. When smoked, the similar pleasant flavor is lined with a vague bitterness, often leaving the mouth with a slightly funky aftertaste.


Currently a best-loved hybrid among cannabis enthusiasts in Colorado, Montana, and the West Coast, Alien Dawg features effects that are mainly derived from both of its equally sensational parent landraces.

Being one of the most potent hybrids in the market, it is a favorite amongst recreational users. Meanwhile, although it does not have the highest CBD count, its perfect mix of cannabinoids and terpenes such as humulene, limonene, and trans-caryophyllene make it an effective remedy for various health problems.


Upon the first few puffs, a boost in mood and better disposition can be felt almost immediately. This permits not just an improved emotional state but it also encourages the flow of one’s imaginative and artistic juices. The variant also arouses the user’s chatty and social side as it tends to loosen up inhibitions, making it apt for any social gatherings.

Despite the uplifting effect, Alien Dawg is more of a night-time strain. When smoked an hour before bed, its potent clouds gently cuddle the consumer into a deep and cozy slumber. Although for newbies or low tolerance smokers, it can be an instant knockout. Thus, caution should always be taken as this hybrid with a 16-20% THC content packs quite a punch.

When consumed at optimal amounts, it charms the users into an extremely relaxing state without inducing sleep. Meanwhile, going beyond the required dose can quickly stimulate sedation. At times, Alien Dawg may also arouse the munchies, so be sure to fill up the cupboard with some snacks before the smoking session.


Due to the strain’s soothing high, it is an excellent stress-relieving, antidepressant, and anxiolytic agent. Patients dealing with migraine, muscle spasms, and nerve pain, will also find this cannabis variety a beneficial analgesic.

Alien Dawg can also be women’s best friend as it eases their monthly torment with its ability to combat premenstrual syndrome (PMS). What’s more, its tranquilizing benefits also make it a favored option for patients with insomnia. As mentioned, the strain induces the munchies so it may also be helpful for those who want to stimulate their appetite.

To obtain these health benefits, consuming the hybrid at small doses is best. Because of its potency and fast-acting effects (20-30 minutes), these medicinal rewards can even be experienced within just a few hits. Meanwhile, excessive indulgence may only aggravate existing conditions and even spur more serious problems such as anxiety or paranoia.

Similar to most cannabis strains, some of Alien Dawg’s adverse effects include dry eyes and mouth and dizziness.

Growing Information

Alien Dawg is an easy strain to grow even for novices. It can be reared indoors or outdoors (preferably in a Mediterranean climate) without any problem. Although, when cultivated inside grow rooms, training the plant is imperative as even if it has a medium stretch, it tends to grow bushy.

Depending on the growing conditions, the landrace’s flowering rate is also relatively quick of about 8-9 weeks. Unluckily, there is currently no information about its indoor and outdoor average harvest. However, both of its parents yield copiously – Chemdawg with about 794 g/m2and 400-500 g/m2for Alien Technology.

Alien Dawg Strain

While the moniker “Alien Dawg” is quite bizarre, it is surely a name that anyone won’t forget after a gratifying weed session. Its resinous buds expel a heavenly mix of fragrances and flavors that will compel anyone to come back for more. Recreational users will also admire the hybrid’s heavenly balance of relaxing and uplifting sensations. Meanwhile, its capacity to ease various mental and physical conditions urges medical users to hoard a stash of the variant at home.

While Alien Dawg is currently popular to several regions, its global takeover is not far-fetched considering the variant’s otherworldly rewards.