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Australia is one of the locales in the world that is home to some of the best Sativa varieties. One of its finest is the Australian Blue (also known as Aussie Blues) – a by-product of the award-winning Blue Haze plus the 90% Sativa Australian Boesi, a.k.a., the “Duck.” The combination of the strain’s classic Sativa high and predominantly lemony aroma and taste explain its undying appeal in the cannabis community.

While mostly found in its native country, anyone can still get their hands on this jewel as it is also cultivated in various parts of the globe.

Key Features

Origin Blue Haze
  Australian Boesi
Indica to Sativa Ratio 10/90
THC 15-25%
CBD 2%
Flowering Period Indoors: 11 to 12 weeks
  Outdoors: September to October
Yield Indoors: 400 g/m2
  Outdoors: 425 g/m2
Growing Difficulty Moderate


True to its name, the variant’s popcorn-shaped nugs are furnished with blue undertones which blend perfectly with the more dominant olive green shade. The fluffy calyxes are also embellished with purple and blue hairy pistils, further contributing to the toned-down sapphire look of the hybrid. On top is a dense coat of crystal trichomes which is a crowning touch to Australian Blue’s pleasing aesthetics.

Fragrance and Flavor

A whiff of the strain’s buds furnishes the senses with a sweet, lemony aroma and taste with hints of musk and pine. This almost immediately transports one to a vast wonderland of lemon groves. It also gives off a similar citrusy taste, with smooth fumes that can be enjoyed with every hit. This is amplified on the exhale and lingers in the back of the throat even after the smoking session.


Considering Australian Blue’s 90% Sativa profile, most of its effects are indicative of the more dominant lineage. In addition, more than just an ideal leisure variety, the strain also flaunts health-giving properties.


Australian Blue offers a clear-headed buzz which inspires creativity. As such, it is a suitable choice for those who want to embark on artistic activities. It is also revitalizing and motivating, making it an ideal day-time strain for anyone eager to tick boxes off their to-do list. Even better, it can be a great jitter-free substitute for a cup of coffee.

The Sativa-dominant landrace also elevates the mood and induces laughs and giggles, ensuring a fun-filled session with friends. Other times, however, it verges on the almost intoxicating side, which is quite unsurprising considering its potency. Thus, newbies should consume this strain with caution, bearing in mind to always “start low and go slow.”

When harvested prematurely, these astounding effects are short-lived. But if the buds are procured when fully ripened, an alert head high and deep relaxation without sedation can be enjoyed for hours.


Because of Australian Blue’s ability to allow introspection, mental clarity, and better mood, users can expect their troubles to slowly vanish into thin air with every puff. Hence, it can be a go-to remedy for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. Its soothing quality also makes it an excellent treatment for fatigue and body pain.

Aside from the perfect blend of cannabinoids, the strain is also enriched with terpenes – mainly, alpha-Pinene. Besides being the plant’s source of aromatics, the compound also boasts antibiotic and bronchodilator properties.

While beneficial for a myriad of health conditions, insomniacs should avoid this strain as it stimulates an energized state of mind. Consumers should also take note of its potential side effects which include headaches and dry mouth and eyes. Furthermore, because of its high THC levels of 15-25%, it can result in anxiety and paranoia when consumed beyond the optimal dose.

Growing Information

Australian Blue is not a finicky variant. It can easily flourish outdoors within temperatures above 17°C (63°F). This is also a more recommended route as the buds can fully develop a strong citrus scent in outdoor gardens. However, if this condition is not probable in the region, it can also be cultivated indoors, most preferably in soil. The strain is also commendable for its inherent resistance to pests and diseases. Although, it can be vulnerable to molds and mildew.

The plant grows particularly tall and leggy, with thin, long-fingered foliage. The branches also start growing from the bottom which creates a Christmas tree-like shape as it develops. Reared outside, this branchy variant can reach up to 96 inches tall. Meanwhile, indoor growers can expect a stretch of about 39 inches.

Because of its size, it can be a bit too much for inexperienced cultivators. The towering strain demands a sizeable space to grow. Otherwise, topping off the plant or pruning its upper portion is a required additional task for would-be growers. This will stop its upward growth and promote better development in the lower branches. Apart from creating an even canopy, this also boosts the overall yield.

Reaping the luscious Australian Blue colas is guaranteed after a long flowering cycle of 11 weeks, where indoor growers can amass 400 g/m2of harvest. Meanwhile, it yields 425 g/m2 when grown outdoors.

Australian Blue Seeds

A true Australian pride, Australian Blue is a delight for Sativa lovers. The strain’s azure aesthetics immediately catches the attention, while its imbued alluring and potent scent of freshly peeled lemon slices invites anyone for a puff.

Its enthusiasm-promoting effects also polish off the variant’s overall charm. From consumers who need a reliable pick-up during the day to medical users troubled with deep-rooted worries – anyone will surely find this hybrid extremely beneficial. Thus, while a long-flowering strain, Australian Blue’s excellent qualities make it an exemplary embodiment of the phrase “all good things take time.”

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Australia is one of the locales in the world that is home to some of the best Sativa varieties. One …

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