There are always two sides of the story. There is black and white, yin and yang, pro and anti. Contrast is always present in every discussion and there is positive in every negative.

Marijuana growing opens a lot of argument but there are also groups of people that want to share to the world the passion and greatness one may achieve from growing and using marijuana. is run by people who believe that marijuana growing should be introduced to the world. Though spreading word about the culture and growing of this plant may seem negative, we believe that teaching the society to love this plant will open the eyes of the world of the positive values of marijuana.

There are always two sides of the story and most of the time, the side that has the most ears lend is the side of the story most spoken of. The way a topic is told will also affect the perspective of the readers or audience.

For us, the people behind this blog, telling the story right is our main concern. Bias is common in the internet so we make it our duty to give our readers the real thing. Every side and bits about marijuana is important and we want the whole meat of the topic to be introduced to you.

There are more things to marijuana than what society has led us to believe. We want to showcase the glory that marijuana possesses hidden behind controversy and hearsay. The glory that even though has marks of negativity still has good things to offer the world.

We believe that the more marijuana is introduced to the world, the more it will attract positive reviews. It is often discussed how using marijuana or how dangerous having one in your backyard may cause. But, we here in want to tell you the other side, the real side, of the story.

The topics and articles posted in our blog are collective ideas from writers who want to spread the word as well. We believe that through this, we can elevate the current standing and the status of marijuana.

Through the opportunity offered by the internet, we saw the window open for our cause to spread the word about marijuana which has been a battle that has carried on for so many years.

We saw that the internet is a great platform for any cause to prosper. It is a carrier of news and an opener of minds. It can spread things faster than anything you can imagine. With the scope of audiences the web has, it is no doubt that the things that we want to share the world will soon have a large coverage of readers and will prosper like a well taken care marijuana plant.

We hope that someday, the seed that we have planted in the soil of the internet through this blog will soon grow into a beautiful plant and will give a good harvest like a premium first grade marijuana bud. And most importantly, we hope that our blog will leave its readers high with information about marijuana.