Health Benefits from Medical Marijuana

medical marijuana

Lately, we have been hearing lots of issues about more states looking at legalizing medical marijuana. Currently, there are a total of twenty states that permit its use for its medical benefits. Using medical marijuana as a recreational drug still remains to be controversial but through its legalization in more areas, studies can be done so that there will be deeper understanding about its effects on the human body.

There are two known active chemicals in marijuana that have medical properties. These two are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Medical marijuana can promote the prognosis of quite a lot of health conditions but despite this fact, we all have to remember that once it is used out of context, it may cause us harm. Smoking weed excessively for non-medicinal purposes leads to dependence and has serious detrimental effects on a person’s memory, emotions and overall health.

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Prevention and Treatment of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye disease which leads to loss of vision because of optic nerve damage. Marijuana delays the progression of the disease which consequently slows down and prevents blindness. This disease is caused of increased pressure in the eyeball and marijuana works by decreasing this so-called intraocular pressure.

Control of Epileptic Seizures

The THC that is present in marijuana binds to the brain cells that control excitability. As a result, it controls seizures as it promotes relaxation. This was proven in a study by Roberto DeLorenzo. He tested epileptic rats by giving them synthetic marijuana and proved that the seizures disappeared after they have taken the drug.

Relief of Anxiety

Because marijuana affects the part of the brain that controls excitability, it means that it can also reduce anxiety. It is a mood enhancer and a potent sedative in low doses. People who suffer from paranoia and unexplained anxiety can truly benefit from medical marijuana. However, there is a thin line between its therapeutic and harmful side effects. Having more than the recommended doses only worsens paranoia and anxiety.

Protection from Brain Trauma and Concussions

Smoking weed hastens recovery from traumatic injuries and brain concussions. It is thought to have neuroprotective properties that help protect the brain. It lessens bruising and makes healing faster because this medical benefit is very promising, further studies are recommended for better understanding of the properties that it holds to protect the brain.

Lessens Side Effects from Chemotherapy

People suffering from the stressful side effects of chemotherapy can truly benefit from smoking weed. It soothes the exhausting pain, reduces nausea and stimulates the appetite. These three side effects are considered to be the most demanding for those who undergo chemotherapy and having something that can reduce these terrible feelings are very significant to those experiencing them.

There are more benefits that people can get from medical marijuana. If further research will be done to prove them, it will truly be a revolutionary revelation. Its remarkable advantages can change millions of lives with the long list of health conditions that it can impact.

Recreational and medical marijuana may be one and the same but its effect lies on the amount and the frequency of its use. The states that look at legalizing it should come up with regulations that will not permit its abuse. In that way, medical marijuana can stage as advantageous as it possibly can.

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  1. Nice article. Medical cannabis is known to raise treatment usefulness of hepatitis C by lessening the side-effects brought on by the therapy. Numerous people can’t seem to finish the treatment course on account of these kinds of side-effects, which may now be easily handled.